Auto ignition system structure introduction

- Nov 01, 2016 -

Battery ignition system

1)Composition: power supply (battery or generator), Distributor, ignition coil, spark plug, ignition switch and control circuit.

2) working principle: starting: battery cathode conductive ignition coil Starter wirepost Starter short circuit switch columns punctuate the ignition coil low voltage linelow voltage column put iron battery electrical contacts.

Start: generators ' armature ' ignition switch ignition coil ammeter ' power ' thermal resistor ignition coil switch punctuate the ignition coil low voltage line low voltagecolumn put iron battery electrical contacts.

High voltage: high tension coil Center Central High Voltage Cable Distributor rotorcylinder line fire spark plugs electrodes by taking iron

Battery ignition system main components: ignition coils, spark plugs, Distributor, and capacitors, high voltage cable, etc.

Petrol driven runtime breaker cam rotation, making cut-outs constantly closed anddisconnected, contact closure, battery supplies current, current from the battery cathode with a ignition coil winding, breaker electric shock, returned to the battery negative terminal. When current flows through the ignition coil primary winding, a energy storage using strong magnetic fields generated in the core, when cut-outs when the contact is open, a current decays rapidly and disappeared, hearts of ironmagnetic flux decreases, and induced in the secondary winding of the ignition thenecessary high voltage. The voltage from the power lines to the Distributor, in conveying to all on the correct spark plug, spark.

Contact transistor ignition system

Major differences breaking electrical contacts on a circuit between the ignition coil.

Auxiliary contact transistorized ignition systems, when the contact is closed, the current no longer flows directly from the closed contact to the ignition coil in a winding, but flows on to the base of transistor-level circuit.

Breaker contact is no longer in direct control of current, fault, but as transistor trigger, thus breaking electrical contacts current can be reduced to a current 1/5--1/10.

Contactless electronic ignition system

(1) address the contact point of mechanical contact erosion, wear, replacing the switch, adjustment, dwell angles, correct ignition timing.

(2) electronic ignition control ignition coil primary current of the Controller General, broken and amplifying and processing from the pulse signal from the sensor, inaddition to switching roles, ignition controller based on pulse-step to knowing engine speed provided ignition timing changes with speed.

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