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Classification of automotive suspension system components Nov 01, 2016

(1) The leaf springs: ranging from a more unequal and curvature of the plates laminated together. Installed after the natural upward at both ends. Leaf springs in addition to cushion things, there is a damping effect, vertical layout also has a guiding role. Most non-independent suspension using leaf springs as elastic element, can save the guide device and damper, a simple structure.

(2) Coil springs: cushion, used car independent suspension. Since there is no damping and transfer of functions, also be equipped with special shock absorbers andsteering device.

(3) Oil and gas springs: with gas as the elastic medium, and liquid as a transmission medium, it not only has good buffering capacity, also has a damping effect, andcan adjust the height of the frame, suitable for heavy vehicles and buses.

(4) The torsion bar springs: torsion bars made with spring rod with one end fixed in the frame and the other end connected by a swinging arm and wheel, wheel beats torsion bar torsion plays a cushioning effect, suitable for independent suspension used.