Detailed presentation on automotive sensors

- Nov 01, 2016 -

Characteristics of automobile technology development is one of a growing number of components with electronic controls. According to the role can be classified as measuring temperature, pressure, flow rate, position, concentration, speed, lightintensity, humidity sensor and distance functions, they carry out their duties in theevent of a sensor failure, the corresponding device will not work properly or evenwork. Therefore, the sensor in the car is very important.

Automotive sensors simply used to engines, has been extended to the chassis, body and light on the electrical system. Sensors of these systems are more than 100species. In a wide variety of sensors, commonly are:

Inlet air pressure sensor: reflect changes in the intake manifold absolute pressure,to the ECU (engine control unit) provides a benchmark for calculating fuel injectionduration signal;

Air flow meter: measure engine volume of air inhaled, provide a reference signal to the ECU fuel injection time;

Throttle position sensor: measuring the angle of the throttle opening, provided tothe ECU, as oil, fuel/air ratio and spark advance angle of the reference signal;

Crankshaft position sensor: detect the crankshaft and engine speed, available to the ECU to determine the timing and sequence of the reference signal;

Oxygen sensor: detect the oxygen concentration in the exhaust, and provided to the ECU controls the fuel/air ratio in the best values (theoretical value) of the reference signal in the vicinity;

Intake air temperature sensor: detect intake air temperature, available to the ECUas the basis of calculation of air density;

Coolant temperature sensor: detect coolant temperature, engine temperature information provided to ECU;

Knock sensor: mounted on the cylinder specifically detect engine detonation conditions provided to the ECU according to adjust the ignition timing.

These sensors are mainly used in transmissions, on the direction, suspension andABS.

Transmission:, shaft speed sensor speed sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, angular sensors, torque sensors, hydraulic pressure sensor;

Suspension: speed sensor, acceleration sensor, ride height sensors, inclination sensors, angular sensors.

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