Development of automotive sensor industry market conditions

- Nov 01, 2016 -

Application of sensors in automobiles continues to expand, they are automotive electronic stability control system (including wheel-speed sensors, gyroscopes, brake and processor), lane departure warning and blind spot detection systems (including radar, infrared and optical sensors) are used on all aspects.

In 2005, the United States was released by ABI Research market research reports aspecial sensor. This entitled the automotive sensors: accelerometer, gyro, Hall effect, optics, pressure, radar and Ultrasonic sensors report on 2012 years ago predicted the prospects for regional use of the main sensor. Report discusses the manyadvanced security system uses sensor technology, provides 40 manufacturers andsuppliers for more information and more than more than 100 suppliers list. Thailand and China, a senior analyst with the research firm believes that is promoting the active safety sensors are increasingly being used. In the automobile industry, security systems become the largest market for sensors.

Under the "global information company" survey, global light vehicle annual rate sensor OEM market 7.4%, to reach the scale of us $ 14 billion by 2010, the average annual rate of growth far beyond the car itself. In the developed world, with improvement of automotive electronic systems, electronic sensing technology in fast development, but has sophisticated sensors product growth will slow down and mayeven decline in the developing countries, basic automotive sensors are mainly used for automotive engine emission control systems, safety, security, and growth was impressive. Used cars in developing countries act? respect?, disaster originates from the Tatars? down-home? ΓΌ Zha EM production to reduce costs. Automotive sensor suppliers are facing serious challenges: on the one hand to increase production output, on the other hand to continuously reduce costs, this trend is unlikely to change in the future.

Car launched and drive system remains sensor of maximum and most mature of market, however and other application compared, growth will slowed; with global fuel price of improve, "improved burning efficiency" will is car sensor of new of application "highlights" field; in car security and anti-theft system in the of application will is most fast of growth of market; exhaust emissions control system market of development is is stable, prospects good. By region, few big applications market is, in the United States, mainly for tire pressure detection in Europe for automotivepedestrian warning system; in new countries, mainly for the air bags and automatic seat belt system. To every car measured dosage of oxygen sensor up to technical progress.

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