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History of development of automotive sensor Nov 01, 2016

In the 1960 of the 20th century, the car only the oil pressure sensor, oil level sensor and temperature sensor, they are connected with the instrument or indicator.

After 70 's, in order to control emissions, and increased the number of sensors tohelp control the car's power system, because catalytic converters that appear in the same period, electronic ignition and fuel injection device needs to maintain a certain level of air-fuel ratio sensor to control emissions. 80, anti-lock braking systems and air bags to improve motor vehicle safety.

Today, sensor useful to determination various fluid temperature and pressure (as intake temperature, and gas road pressure, and cooling water temperature and fuel Jet pressure,) of sensor; useful to determine the part speed and location of sensor (as speed, and throttle door open degrees, and camshaft, and crankshaft, and transmission of angle and speed, and exhaust again cycle valve (EGR) of location,); also has for measurement engine load, and burst earthquake, and broken fire and the exhaust in the containing oxygen volume of sensor; determine seat location of sensor ; Anti-lock brakes and suspension control system measuring wheel speed,high road and the tire pressure sensors protect the front passenger airbag, we not only need more impact sensor and acceleration sensor. Manufacturer's side, top-mounted air bags, as well as more sophisticated side head air bag, the sensor has increased. Researchers using collision avoidance sensors (radar or other distance sensor) to determine and control the car's lateral acceleration, the speed of each wheel and the required torque, braking system become an integral part of the vehicle stability control system.

Old oil pressure sensors and temperature sensors are independent of each other,as has a clear limit of maximum or minimum values, the practical effect of some ofthese sensors is equivalent to switching. With sensors to the electronic and digitaldirection, their output value will be more relevant.