Main functions of automobile transmission system

- Nov 01, 2016 -

Start function

When a vehicle power transmission, you need the power cut off, repeatedly connecting function. Engine driven vehicle from rest to be passed to the transmission input shaft, vehicles begin the process of moving, driving force in passing between two different speeds of rotation shaft, this function is called the start function.

Starting device consists of friction clutch device for vehicle, and hydraulic transmission. Friction clutch device is divided into two types: one is combined with dry typeclutch manual transmission; the other is in lubricating oil use in wet clutch.

Variable speed feature

Achieving optimal output characteristics of the engine speed range and optimal fuel consumption characteristics of speed ranges are different. And vehicles travelling in the low speed, high speed, acceleration and deceleration due to the surrounding environment and drive the intentions of those who have a great deal of change. Standing start acceleration and cruising at high speed, if you do not change theengine speed and axle speed ratio, it is difficult to efficient use of the power output of the engine. This kind of speed, driving force, rather than transform device known as the transmission. Transmissions are divided into driver manual manual transmission and according to operational status automatically determines the optimum rotational speed of automatic transmissions. Automatic transmission has started, variable speed two functions of hydraulic torque converter according to drivingconditions and automatically selects a different multiple speed ratios automaticallychoose a different ratio of hydraulic-hydraulic automatic transmission device.

Driving force distribution

Four wheel drive vehicles need to be driving force distribution to the front and rear wheels, generally divided into full-time four wheel drive and two-wheel, four wheel drive switch in two forms.

Final function

The transmission output speed translates into with axles for speed of the gear units are called voluntary speed reduction devices. When the engine and transmissionrelative to vehicle longitudinal layout when the direction of rotation of the main reduction unit should also be able to convert.

Differential functions

Two-wheel-drive the driving wheels on the left and right sides of the vehicle, vehicles in motion and in the process, because the drive wheels left and right wheels tracks, needed to absorb around the wheel speed difference, and capable of drivingforce distribution. Four wheel drive the front and rear axles of the vehicle could have a speed difference, also need the device. In addition, when a single drive wheel spin when, in order to drive power to drive wheels, sometimes need to limit the speed.

Drive direction conversion function

Suspension system carries on the engine, transmission and wheels, coupling needsto be connected, allowing relative motion passed on the basis of a certain amountof skill. Coupling to be able to change the direction of rotation and scaling function.


In order to give full play to function of power-transmission, lubricating oil is essential. Traditional manual transmission, automatic transmission, CVT and AMT and various installations of lubricating oil requirements are not the same, so the use of avariety of lubricants.

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