Maintenance maintenance of automotive suspension system

- Nov 01, 2016 -

Is so-called suspension system, between the wheels and the body, assume the host body and absorb shock, provide the best comfort. After replacing brake pads, check whether the brake pedal return to normal, in the daily drive to prevent mats sliding under the brake pedal to avoid brake cannot be trampled to death. Under normal conditions, shock absorbers work may have a fever, if the description does not give off heat shock absorber oil leak. On a daily basis when to check brakingwhen the vehicle is how deviation, braking efficiency, as well as parking brake (Handbrake) what effect ... At the time of vehicle maintenance, brake system brake fluidcheck first, as there is no break, brake oil brake pipes for leaks. Brake pedal partsthat require attention.

Car driving, each time the shaking up and down, suspension systems will send a "click" sound, to the uneven road surfaces, noise, it means suspension system failed,may be damaged shock absorbers or shock absorber damaged pouches. Brakingsystem brake fluid do not mix plus at present, most cars are equipped with two braking systems on the market: with foot brake (brake) and hand control of the parking brake (Handbrake). If you destroyed the rubber sleeve, you have to repair/replacement and shock absorbers.

Suspension shock absorbers should be fever not only affects the ride comfort of the suspension system (ride), and also on other properties, such as the adoption, stability or performance implications. Was included in the suspension system shock absorbers, springs, anti-roll bars, connecting rods and other parts. In turn, especially when sharp, too much body roll, that shock absorbers, stabilizer bar, or steering mechanism components are damaged. When replacing the brake fluid must bethe original brake fluid light, do not mix plus brake oil can not be mixed with the air. In General, the brake pad wear and use habits have a great relationship, automatic brake of the car than a manual transmission, usually after more than 20,000 kilometers, doing maintenance at a time when you need to check the water truck brakes. This suspension system for better protection.

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