Simple classification of automotive ignition system

- Nov 01, 2016 -

Traditional ignition

Mechanical ignition systems work the process is driven by the crankshaft rotatingdistributor shaft, rotate the cam on the Distributor shaft, ignition coil primary contacts connected and closed high voltage electricity.

This high voltage through the Distributor ignition distributor rotor on the shaft, according to work requirements in order to each cylinder of the engine on the spark plug, spark plug issue in combustion chamber of spark ignited the gas. Distributorshell can be turned to adjust the basic ignition timing manually (that is, idle ignitionadvance angle), as well as vacuum advance mechanism, which according to changes in intake manifold vacuum provides a different angle.

Electronic ignition

Mechanical and electronic ignition system ignition system is completely different, ithas a electronic control device for ignition, internal engine under various operating conditions required for ignition control graph (MAP). Through a series of sensors, such as engine speed sensor, intake manifold vacuum sensor (engine load sensor), throttle position sensor, crankshaft position sensor to determine the engine'soperating state, found on the MAP required under operating conditions of the engine spark advance, according to the requirements for ignition. According to the above-mentioned ignition knock sensor signal calling for amendments to make theengine to operate at optimal ignition time.

Electronic ignition system also has a closed-loop and open-loop control: with a knock sensor, depending on whether the engine knock timely amendments to the electronically controlled ignition advance angle system is called a closed-loop controlsystem without a knock sensor, ignition advance control according to the electronic control unit in the program only as open-loop control system.

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