What if the brakes on the brakes are out of order?

- Jun 24, 2017 -

What if the brakes on the brakes are out of order?

Brake failure caused by many reasons, one is the lack of the necessary maintenance of the brake system, brake pump impurities in too much, poor sealing, vacuum booster pump failure, brake oil too dirty or several brake oil mixed use heated vapor lock, brake pump or pump oil, gas tank or pipeline leak; two is due to improper operation malfunction, such as long time downhill will cause the brake friction heat, brake hub, brake function complete carbonization failure; three is due to serious overloading, in under the action of gravity acceleration, increase the vehicle motion inertia, directly lead to brake failure. [5]

When a braking failure occurs, the driver must first remain calm and calm, do not panic. The correct measure is to speed up the downshift while controlling the direction of the road and the speed of the car. High speed direct drive to quickly grab grab the middle gear, then the engine will have great resistance to traction speed decreased rapidly, then you can use a hand brake and then quickly get into the low speed and low, and then hand brake control stop. If the hand brake effect is not good, you can also use the hillside to force the vehicle to stop or slow down to control the vehicle, and then stop gradually on the flat road. When the brake on the hill fails, the middle and low gears should be lowered at the proper time. Keep enough power up to the top of parking. If you need Banpo parking, should keep the low level, tighten the hand brake, the attendant with rocks, wood pad items such as the wheel, sliding phenomenon, the tail of the car should be towards the hill or the security side, and open the headlights and emergency lights to attract the attention of the front vehicle and avoid. Here, the point is that don't slow down directly to the hillside by the measures is extremely dangerous, high speed sharp scratch will directly damage the vehicle and is easily caused by collision and rebound slopes overturned, and many sections and no hill, so the traction resistance to control the speed by engine is a wise and correct, and variable speed synchronous device in modern vehicles to snatch files provide convenience and reliability.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the vehicle in the downhill slope, regardless of whether the case should be light step on the brake, it is one is a braking performance test, the two was once found brake disorders can win control of time of the accident, reduce panic, be calm and control the vehicle. In fact, this is called anticipatory braking. You don't look down on this a predictable braking, vehicles are likely to run in all kinds of faults, brake failure is no exception, predictable braking enables us to change danger into safety sudden failure, through.

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