What is the driving shaft of the car?

- Jul 22, 2017 -

What is the driving shaft of the car?

The transmission device designed to drive the wheel is located at the end of the automobile transmission system. The function is to transmit the torque from the differential half shaft gear to the drive wheel. In the split drive axle and the steering drive axle, the drive device for driving the wheel comprises a half shaft and a universal joint transmission device, and a constant velocity universal joint is adopted. Drive shaft fast, easy to optimize, automatic selection included. On a generally non - breaking drive axle, the drive gear of the wheel is the half shaft, which then links the differential half axle gear to the wheel hub. On the drive axle provided with the wheel side reducer, the half shaft connects the half shaft gear with the driving gear of the wheel side reducer. [1]

The half shaft of a common non open drive axle is divided into three types: semi floating type, 3/4 floating type and full floating type, depending on the supporting type of the outer end or the stress condition of the driving axle. Semi floating axle bearing close to the outer end of the shaft is supported directly on the bridge shell is placed in the inner hole, and the end of the shaft with a conical surface and a key and the wheel hub is fixed, or directly to the flange and the wheel wheel and the brake drum is connected). Therefore, in addition to transmitting torque, the semi floating axle has to bear the bending moment of the wheel. Thus, the load of the semi floating axle is complicated, but it has the advantages of simple structure, small quality, compact size and low cost. It is used in cars and light trucks with small quality, good condition and little load. [2]

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