What is the function of the automobile brake system?

- Jun 24, 2017 -

What is the function of the automobile brake system?

Effect of braking system is: to make a moving vehicle forced to slow down or even stop according to the driver's requirements; so that the car had been stopped at a variety of road conditions (including the ramp) stability in the car; the downhill speed vehicles stability.

The automobile braking effect is only the external force and direction in the car and the car traveling in the opposite direction, and the size of these forces are random, uncontrollable, so the car must be installed on a series of special device to achieve the above functions.

The automobile braking system is to install the brake device and the special brake mechanism in the automobile in order to ensure the safe driving of the car and increase the average speed of the car. In general, the automobile brake system consists of two independent devices, the travelling brake device and the parking brake device. Among them, the driving brake device is operated by the driver with his feet, so it is also called the foot brake device. The parking brake device is operated by the driver by hand, so it is also called hand brake device.

The function of the service brake device is to slow the running car or stop in the shortest distance. The function of the parking brake device is to keep the car on all the surfaces of the road stationary. However, in some emergency situations, two kinds of braking devices can be used simultaneously to increase the effect of automobile braking. Some special purpose vehicles and often cars traveling in the mountains, long-term and frequent braking will cause the brake device overheating, so in these cars tend to add auxiliary braking device of different types, in order to stabilize the speed in the downhill.

According to the braking energy situation, the brake system can be divided into 3 parts, namely, the human brake system, the power brake system and the servo brake system. Humanbrake system in the driver's manual as braking energy; dynamic braking system withengine power conversion by pneumatic or hydraulic pressure as the braking energy; and servo brake system is the combination of human and engine power as the braking energy. In addition, in accordance with the transmission mode of braking energy, the brake system can be divided into mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetic, until several.

In a variety of automotive brake systems, brakes are the components of the automobile brake system that produce forces that prevent movement or movement of the vehicle. At present, the brakes used by various types of automobiles are friction brakes, that is, the braking torque that prevents the movement of the automobile originates from the friction between the stationary element and the rotating working surface.

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