What is the meaning of the car's suspension system

- Sep 16, 2017 -

What is the meaning of the car's suspension system? 

Suspension system refers to the body and the tire between the spring and shock absorbers to form the entire support system. Suspension system should have the function to support the body, to improve the feeling of riding, different suspension settings will enable drivers to have different driving experience. The appearance of a simple suspension system integrated a variety of forces, determines the stability of the car, comfort and safety, is a modern car is one of the key components. In general, the car's suspension system is divided into two kinds of non-independent suspension and independent suspension, non-independent suspension of the wheel mounted on the end of an overall axle, when the side of the wheel beating, the other side of the wheel also corresponding beating, so that the whole Body vibration or tilt; independent suspension of the axle is divided into two sections, each wheel by the coil spring independently installed in the frame below, when the side of the wheel beating, the other side of the wheel is not affected, both sides of the wheels can be independent movement, The stability and comfort. As the modern people on the ride comfort and manipulation of the stability requirements of the increasingly high, so non-independent suspension system has gradually been eliminated. The independent suspension system because of its good wheel touch, ride comfort and handling stability greatly improved, about two rounds of free movement, the freedom of the tire and the ground, the vehicle handling better, etc. are currently widely used by car manufacturers The Common stand-alone suspension system has a multi-link suspension system, McPherson suspension system, trailing arm suspension system and so on.

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