The Automobile Oil Pressure Switch Is Noisy

- Jul 05, 2017 -

The automobile Oil Pressure Switch is noisy
The car Oil Pressure Switch is loud, not only the driver is upset, but also may be the beginning of the problem of the car. Today, anqing piston ring and all of you are studying why the car Oil Pressure Switch is noisy, and how to solve these problems, the following points are for reference only!
1. The Oil Pressure Switch is loud when starting in winter
In the winter, because the Oil Pressure Switch cools quickly, when the car has been parked for a long time, you can suddenly start the Oil Pressure Switch to produce a sharp vibration, and then make a "dada" noise.
Because car parked for a long time, after all the basic flow to the oil lubricating oil sump, oil pump during cold start and cannot be immediately established oil pressure, especially the inside of the cylinder head valve, during cold start is not enough lubrication, hydraulic lifter and mechanical rocker fails to work properly in order to lead to a man's noise. The piston and the cylinder are not completely lubricated.
Solution: the noise of this time is normal. When the Oil Pressure Switch is started, the Oil Pressure Switch will return to normal and no more violent noise.
Two: the oil condition is not right
Oil is not up to standard or added too much:
When the oil in the Oil Pressure Switch is high, the oil will cause unnecessary resistance to the crankshaft rotation, which will affect the power output and increase the fuel consumption. Too much oil will go into the combustion chamber from the gap between the cylinder and the piston, so as to increase the carbon in the combustion chamber, increase the piston motion resistance, and reduce the power of the Oil Pressure Switch. At the same time, the accumulated carbon will increase the compression ratio of Oil Pressure Switch and increase the probability of detonation. Carbon accumulates in the cylinder with red hot state and can cause premature combustion, and the carbon deposition can aggravate the abrasion of the cylinder and piston, and the accumulation of carbon has a qualitative influence on the oil. Motor oil is an important component of Oil Pressure Switch lubrication, which can affect the working condition of Oil Pressure Switch when the oil problem occurs. When the viscous thickness of the oil is too high, it is easy to cause the Oil Pressure Switch to run the problem, the lubrication effect is poor, causing the Oil Pressure Switch to produce the friction during the operation, thus generating the noise.
Solution: if the new oil is changed and the noise becomes louder, it may take some time to take a look at it, and the Oil Pressure Switch will take some time to get back to the new oil. If the noise is a little bit big, but the power of the Oil Pressure Switch does not change obviously, and the Oil Pressure Switch noise can come down in about 500 kilometers, the owner should not care too much. Conversely, if after a few hundred kilometers of running-in, noise remains high, suggesting that the change of new oil is not suitable for your car, can choose to change, at the same time also want to check the car whether carbon, carbon deposition and noise bigger culprits.
3: the temperature sensor is damaged
The temperature sensor has a thermal resistor inside, and the lower the temperature, the lower the temperature. In the automotive Oil Pressure Switch are low, the water temperature of water thermometer temperature sensor input ECU information make the air-fuel ratio, so that the Oil Pressure Switch work stability, if the water temperature sensor is not happen cold machine state information, will make the air-fuel ratio is thinning, cause the Oil Pressure Switch is not normal operation. Similarly, if the warm machine sends out cold machine information, it will make the air burning ratio thicken, and the Oil Pressure Switch work is not normal.
Four: leak in the exhaust pipe
In general inlet leakage will cause the car have a buzzing sound, the car didn't force, if the air through the air cleaner directly into the cylinder, can lead to Oil Pressure Switch cylinder wear, serious when, can directly pull cylinder, the Oil Pressure Switch scrap; The exhaust system leaks, usually a very loud exhaust sound, because the exhaust gas wave has no static pan exhaust pipe system tail silencer.