Ask About What Is The Real Installation Method For The Oil Pressure Switch

- Aug 25, 2017 -

Ask about what is the real installation method for the Oil Pressure Switch
 Because I see most of the repair shop installed a lot of Oil Pressure Switch is not consistent, there is the first ring on the hydraulic switch, the second ring is how to distinguish is not very thorough there are ah novice repair workers have, so finishing The article hopes to help people who can help, apply their knowledge.
Oil Pressure Switch is divided into gas ring and oil ring, gas ring for sealing and heat transfer; oil ring for scraping oil and cloth oil film, auxiliary lubrication and sealing. Oil Pressure Switch working environment conditions harsh, once the Oil Pressure Switch wear, damage or failure, there will be engine start difficult, lack of power, crankcase pressure increases, the ventilation system serious smoke, oil consumption increases, Smoke, combustion chamber, piston and other serious surface of the coke and other adverse conditions. Since the first ring is subjected to a large impact load, it is required that the material should have high strength, impact toughness and sufficient elasticity in addition to good abrasion resistance, heat resistance, running resistance and thermal conductivity. So a lot of the engine's first air ring, the outer cylindrical surface are generally plated with porous chromium or spray molybdenum to reduce the Oil Pressure Switch and cylinder wear, and with other rings are significantly different, the general ring are marked are Upwards.
Installation, the gas ring and the oil ring a few tracks to be staggered to each other to form a "labyrinth" sealing device, in order to ensure that the cylinder of high-pressure gas for effective sealing. The Oil Pressure Switch openings are separated by 120 °, do not coincide.
Air ring installation must pay attention to the shape and direction of the ring, should be its inner circular groove up, the outer groove down, can not be installed. In addition, due to different models, the ring shape is different, but also need to pay attention to: Cone ring can improve the ring running, the ring sliding down in the cylinder when the oil, sliding up the slope due to the role of oil wedge, Float up and reduce wear.
The main function of the trapezoidal ring is to change the position of the ring when the piston is affected by the side pressure, Oil Pressure Switch so that the coke deposited in the ring groove is squeezed out and the ring is prevented from sticking into the ring groove Broken. This ring is often used for the first ring of diesel engines with higher heat loads.
The barrel ring is also used as the first ring in the enhanced diesel engine. Which is characterized by the oil switch convex surface of the convex arc. When the bucket surface ring up and down movement, can form a wedge-shaped space with the cylinder wall, so that oil easily into the friction surface, so that greatly reduced wear. Barrel surface ring and cylinder is the arc contact, so the cylinder surface adaptability and adaptability to the piston yaw are good, is conducive to sealing. Its drawback is that convex arc surface processing is more difficult.
Oil Pressure Switch oil ring is divided into ordinary oil ring and combined oil ring two, ordinary oil ring is generally made of alloy cast iron. The middle of the outer surface of a groove, in the bottom of the groove processing a lot of perforation through the hole or slit. The composite ring consists of upper and lower scrapers and a backing spring that produces radial and axial forces. This oil ring is very thin, the cylinder wall than the pressure, the role of strong scraping oil; upper and lower scraping film independent of their own, the adaptability of the cylinder, the quality of small, oil return path. Therefore, the combination of oil ring in the high-speed engine to be more widely used.
  What should the Oil Pressure Switch pay attention to? But also to avoid what? The Oil Pressure Switch is an outwardly expanding and deformed metal elastic ring which is fitted into the corresponding annular groove. And between the ring and the side of the ring groove between the formation of a sealed and cross-section of the open ring, divided into gas ring and oil ring. The gas ring is a seal between the piston and the cylinder to prevent leakage. And the oil ring is scraping the excess oil on the cylinder to prevent fuel chamber combustion, but also to improve the cylinder wall lubrication.