Basic Information On Oil Pressure Switch

- Aug 07, 2017 -

Basic information on Oil Pressure Switch
 Oil Pressure Switch is based on high-performance electronic components to import high-precision pressure-sensitive components for the measurement components, the use of advanced digital circuit pressure sensitive Yuan Bo induction power signal into a switch signal, with high accuracy, small size , Easy to operate, use and installation, etc., are widely used in chemical, mechanical, hydrological, power and other systems of pressure control and automated process control system.
At present, the domestic delivery of crude oil for the main use of pipeline heating process. Crude oil in the pipeline transport every interval of 40 ~ 90 km to set up a sub-station for heating, pressure. In order to reduce the energy consumption of China's oil pipeline have carried out a modern technological transformation to achieve a computer monitoring. In the oil pipeline monitoring system for the protection of the pipeline to prevent the high pressure out of the station burst pipe, in the outbound and pump outlet to install the pressure switch. In order to prevent the oil pump to evacuate the pressure switch is also installed on the pipeline and the pump inlet line
Intelligent Oil Pressure Switch mainly consists of the following parts.
① pressure sensor device using single crystal silicon intelligent pressure sensor. The sensor has high accuracy (± 0.075%), high stability (better than 0.1% fs / year), high overpressure and high static pressure (pressure 16 mpa), range migration ratio (20: 1) The Selection of single crystal silicon intelligent pressure sensor as a sensing component, so that intelligent Oil Pressure Switch control accuracy and reliability have been guaranteed.
② signal conditioning part of the integrated op amp and electronic components, it is the pressure sensor signal conditioning, into a microcomputer can accept the signal, to the microcomputer.
③ microcomputer with low power embedded microcontroller c8051f007, the microcontroller has a low supply voltage (2.7 ~ 3.6 v), low power consumption (less than 1 ma), small size (8 mm × 8 mm), features and other features. The microcontroller has 12bit adc, 356bram, 32kflash mcu. Microcomputer will be collected to the pressure signal analysis, processing, memory, to eliminate interference and pressure fluctuations, issued a correct pressure switch status signal.
④ electronic switch will be issued by the microcomputer pressure switch status signal into intelligent Oil Pressure Switch on and off.
⑤ calibration button, in the intelligent Oil Pressure Switch calibration as long as the press "calibration button", the microcomputer will automatically remember the current pressure value, and the value as the intelligent Oil Pressure Switch set value, in order to achieve the pressure switch intelligent school Test.
⑥ process selection switch, bypass tank process, the sealing process can be set to different thresholds, bypass tank process set the threshold can be appropriately reduced, thus overcoming the canister process pressure switch can not be used in the problem.
 The Oil Pressure Switch is a high-precision instrumentation amplifier to amplify the pressure signal, through the high-speed MCU to collect and process data, built-in temperature sensor for temperature compensation, is to detect pressure, liquid level signal, to achieve pressure, level monitoring and control of high-precision equipment. Widely used in chemical, mechanical, hydrological, power, environmental protection and other gas, liquid pressure in the automated system. Because the adjustment is convenient and flexible, easy to install, you can replace most of the use of liquid level switch occasions.
The Oil Pressure Switch has the following characteristic:
1. The use of high-precision AD and high-speed microprocessors, all-digital design;
2. Use 4 digital tube to display the current pressure or level value;
3. Pressure or level can be set according to their own needs;
4. Three units can be selected according to customer needs: Bar, PSI, Kpa;
5. Can be set high and low pressure or level alarm point, and through the relay or optocoupler output to the control device;
6. Output two-way relay (single-pole double-throw) switch; two-way relay / two-way optocoupler / with 4-20mA / 0-10V output can be selected.