Characteristics And Characteristics Of Oil Pressure Switch

- Jul 13, 2017 -

Characteristics and characteristics of Oil Pressure Switch

Oil Pressure Switch can be used as mobile phones, digital cameras, digital camera, notebook computer, PDA, PSP, MP3 / MP4 and other digital electronic charging power supply or an external power supply is used, can be used for digital products charging, also to continuous power supply for a long time, the digital products can solve product digital products under the condition of no mains can't charging and can't work for a long time. The company's Oil Pressure Switch products are widely popular due to its high capacity, wide compatibility, light fashion and intelligent security

The market growth of digital products is obvious to all, and has formed a huge customer group. Digital electronic products is not only a sales increase, and at the same time also with the development of this trend: the function of product diversification, large screen size, color, model is more thin and small, but realize these features will speed up the consumption of electricity. It is in the context that in order to meet the demands of high-end business customers and mobile people for digital electronic products, the market demand of Oil Pressure Switches is bound to grow rapidly. According to the different digital products battery capacity, capacity from 8 wh ­ shy; - 74WH of multiple products can fit the needs of mainstream digital products on the market, from miniaturized MP3 / MP4 to mobile phones, PSP, digital cameras, digital cameras, and to laptop computers.

The Oil Pressure Switch is equipped with high performance lithium ion or lithium polymer battery, plus various intelligent control chip, is a set of intelligent, humanized power supply power.

What should you pay attention to when using Oil Pressure Switch?

Small make up today I am here to bring us some Oil Pressure Switch of the professional knowledge, hope that interested in Oil Pressure Switch friends or have used friends bring some help again, well below the everyone to come with me into the Oil Pressure Switch professional knowledge teaching for today:

1. The temperature change on the influence of the Oil Pressure Switch (normal temperature in - 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, high temperature and low temperature can affect the Oil Pressure Switch, serious when will also damage the Oil Pressure Switch)

2. Do not high temperature calcination batteries (high temperature can cause serious damage to lithium batteries, will make the internal lithium battery electrolyte evaporation, and then out through the drain valve on the battery, may be difference jet fire, fire at any time)

3. Cannot be used in low temperature environment for a long time (Oil Pressure Switch from a warm environment to the low temperature environment, or in low temperature environment for long time use Oil Pressure Switch, in a certain temperature could condense dew on PCB, when the dew on the circuit board phenomenon is more serious when may cause short circuit phenomenon appears, so you need to pay attention to the temperature change, it is best to use in 0 ℃ or more safer and durable.)

Some safety problems with Oil Pressure Switches can be greatly improved in some small details. The Oil Pressure Switch is the same as a normal battery, it can be said to be very safe, but how to do some reverse operation, it can also damage the Oil Pressure Switch and explode when serious. Therefore, we need to do normal operation. Here, we are going to talk about using the correct Oil Pressure Switch to improve the safety degree.

1. Reasonable charge

When charging, must ensure the stability of the voltage, and do not touch the stimulation of the current, the summary is to have a reasonable charging environment.

2. Carefully store

The Oil Pressure Switch should not be placed in a wet place. In that environment, it is easy to be bad. In addition, don't squeeze, especially in the case of charging, the possibility of explosion is very high. Also, don't be exposed to high temperatures, sun exposure, etc.