Daily Maintenance Of Brake System

- Nov 01, 2016 -

    Clean, high quality brake fluid is safe and good braking system. You should buy good quality brake fluid on the market. If the brake fluid is dirty, drain and rinse theentire system, and then fill the master cylinder with new solution. Brake fluid do notre-use, all had been let out of the brake fluid from the system are supposed to bedropped off.

    Inhalation of asbestos dust is harmful to your health. With a dry brush or compressed air to remove dust, dirt on the brake system will raise dust, due to extremely easy to contain asbestos, so easy to damage your health. Scale should be used in addition to asbestos dust and mud of the vacuum cleaner to deal with, and dust mode should be used. If there is no vacuum cleaner, then maintenance brake Assembly should be in a well ventilated area, and bring certified anti-virus respirators.

    Before checking the brakes, carefully wipe the dirt from the master cylinder, so that no dirt falls into the tank. Remove fasteners (usually pins) and covers. For cylinders without a scale, liquid from tank tops 6 mm should be maintained if there is scale, as long as you keep the liquid level higher than ticks. If the master cylinder needs fuel, please join the DOT3 or 4-compliant heavy duty brake fluid.

    Brake system maintenance is very important. Electric brake system mainly uses brake fluid transmission brake force, while buses and heavy goods vehicles pneumaticbrake systems. For the maintenance of different brake systems also have different methods:

    For pneumatic braking systems, pay attention to regular removal system of stagnant water and regularly replace the dryer. Moisture in the air system will corrode the pipeline and affect the braking effect. When can lead to brake failure. In addition, regularly check the pump and air pump belt wear. If found to be timely replacement.

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