Development Trend Of Automotive Parts Industry

- Nov 01, 2016 -

    First is the parts to speed up the entry of foreign investment in China.

    With the development of China's auto industry, many foreign auto parts enterprises accelerate the pace of investment in China, such as the famous parts supplier in the world Germany Bosch chassis systems of second plant in Chengdu.

    Second, investment in new energy automobile parts will become hot.

    China new energy vehicles have been included in the emerging industries of strategic importance, in this situation, the country set up new energy cars and key partsand components industrial base, is in full swing, future domestic new energy vehicles and key parts and components sectors will continue to increase.

    Thirdly, mergers and acquisitions, overseas mergers and acquisitions would gradually speed up.

    Vehicle market has intensified price wars also is eating away at the industry's profit margins, and OEMs to reduce costs, ensure that profits are more and more demanding. And although the output value of China's auto parts industry did not play ascale effect, consolidation and restructuring of the auto parts industry is imperative. It can be predicted that China's auto parts industry will be accelerated integration in the coming years, on the one hand by horizontal and vertical integration among domestic enterprises can achieve economies of scale; the other hand throughoverseas mergers and acquisitions to achieve production and marketing the optimal allocation of resources at the global level and access to advanced technology and management experience.

    Finally, cluster development to stimulate regional economic growth.

    Auto parts industry in the country to form the North-East, Central, Beijing and Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Southwest, six auto parts of Pearl River Delta industrialcluster. Industrial clusters, making it easier for more refined division of labor, specialization, scale, making the information more focused, more efficient and faster pace of technological innovation, logistics are easier to organize, economic efficiencyimproved.

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