Do You Know The Effect Of Piston Ring?

- Jul 13, 2017 -

Do you know the effect of Piston Ring?

There are two kinds of Piston Rings: one is compression ring and one is oil ring. The Piston Ring is a metal elastic ring with outward expansion. The compression ring is a flammable gas in the sealed fuel chamber and the oil ring is used to scrape the excess oil on the cylinder. The Piston Rings are rotated back and forth, depending on the pressure of the gas and the liquid.

1. The function of Piston Rings:

Seal, heat transfer

Ensure the sealing between piston and cylinder wall, prevent the combustible mixture and high temperature gas leakage into the crankcase, and transfer the top of the piston to the cylinder wall to avoid overheating of the piston. The main function of the oil ring is to scrape the extra oil on the wall of the cylinder, and apply a uniform oil film on the wall of the cylinder. The Piston Ring is affected by high temperature and high pressure gas in the cylinder, and it slides in the cylinder at high speed under the condition of lubrication. Because of the shape error of the cylinder wall, the Piston Ring is sliding up and down and the radial movement is generated in the ring groove. This not only aggravates the wear of the ring and ring groove, but also causes the Piston Ring to be broken by alternating bending stress.

2. Piston Ring material and surface treatment

According to the function and working conditions of Piston Ring, the materials that make Piston Ring should have good wear resistance, thermal conductivity, heat resistance, impact toughness, elasticity and sufficient mechanical strength. The current widely used Piston Ring materials have good quality grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, alloy cast iron and steel belt etc. The surface of the first Piston Ring is usually plated with chrome or sprayed with molybdenum. The porous chromium layer has a high hardness and can store a small amount of oil, which can improve lubrication and reduce wear. The melting point of molybdenum is high, and it also has a porous and therefore, molybdenum can improve the wear resistance of Piston Ring.

Piston is the key component of fuel engine inside, it and cylinder, piston and cylinder wall and so on with complete fuel gas seal used car engine has two kinds of diesel and gasoline engine, due to the different fuel system performance, the Piston Ring its use is endless also and same, early formed by casting piston, but with the progress of technology, steel high power Piston Ring was born, and with the engine functions, environment asks is ceaseless rise, all kinds of advanced surface treatment and application of them, such as solvent, plating, chrome plating, gas nitriding, physical deposition, surface coating, zinc manganese phosphating treatment etc, make the function of the Piston Ring is greatly increased.

The speed from the static state to the maximum of 30ms can be changed from static state to about 30ms. During the reciprocating movement, the cylinder pressure varies greatly in the inlet, compression, work and exhaust schedule of the work cycle. Because of the influence of combustion stroke, its movement is often under high temperature, the first gas ring, especially in high temperature and high pressure produced by chemical action, and the products of combustion, the oil film is very difficult to build, make it be difficult to achieve full lubrication, and often in the critical state of lubrication.