Explain The Symptoms That May Cause The Piston Ring To Damage

- Sep 07, 2017 -

Explain the symptoms that may cause the Piston Ring to damage
The engine is called the heart of the car. And we all know that the structure of the engine is very complicated, a little attention, may be broken. Xiaobian today to give you a talk about the engine on the Piston Ring.
First, what is the Piston Ring?
The Piston Ring is a metal ring used to fit inside the piston groove. Is the core part of the engine. There are two kinds of gas ring and oil ring. Usually the first and second piston for the gas ring, the third for the oil ring.
Piston Ring caused by the diagnosis of engine failure:
The cause of the engine failure is very complex, involving the Piston Ring associated with the adverse symptoms, common are: engine oil consumption is high, commonly known as "channeling oil"; Piston Ring early wear; engine blown gas; Piston Ring break; engine noise The
Here we come to a specific analysis, the symptoms of the engine failure and the relationship between the Piston Ring:
1. The main reason for high oil consumption
(1) the Piston Ring light leakage (2) ring of the elasticity is too small (3) with the outer cone of the ring, the production of the cone (4) ring caused by poor thermal stability, elasticity disappeared.
2. Piston Ring early wear the main reason
(2) the hardness of the Piston Ring is low, do not meet the requirements (3) Piston Ring heat stability is poor, large changes in the microstructure of large (1) Piston Ring material organization does not meet the technical requirements,
3. engine "channeling gas" the main reason
(1) Piston Ring light leakage (2) Piston Ring elasticity is too small (3) Piston Ring spring loss rate is large (4) Piston Ring uneven, warping does not meet the requirements.
4. The main reason for the engine noise
(1) Piston Ring elasticity is too small (2) Piston Ring fracture.
Xiao Bian to emphasize that some of the engine failure here, are the Piston Ring damage may cause symptoms, but not to say that the engine appeared these failures are due to the Piston Ring. The other parts of the engine if it does not match or damage, are likely to cause these symptoms.
The engine can be said that the heart of the machine is not an exaggeration, a bad heart machine is obviously a substandard product, in which the Piston Ring will be a direct impact on the engine is good or bad.
Piston Ring is one of the important parts of the engine, its working condition is good or bad, directly affect the engine power, economy and reliability. Factors that affect the life of the Piston Ring In addition to design, manufacturing processes and materials and other factors, the proper use and maintenance is essential.
Manufacturing quality: the requirements of the Piston Ring material should have good heat resistance, thermal conductivity, wear resistance, a certain degree of toughness, flexibility and sufficient strength. Especially the spring force of the Piston Ring and the end of the Piston Ring, backlash and backlash is essential. Currently widely used materials for high-quality gray cast iron, ductile iron Piston Ring or alloy cast iron. Since the first Piston Ring is in direct contact with the high temperature and high pressure gas, the outer surface of the ring is chrome plated to increase the suitability of the ring. Good quality Piston Ring, its life can naturally be extended.
In order to allow the piston to reach the power stroke immediately after the end of the compression top dead center, the ignition is usually carried out before the piston reaches the top dead center (since it takes some time from ignition to complete combustion). And too early in the ignition will make the piston is still compressed stroke, most of the oil and gas has been burning, when the unburned oil and gas will withstand great pressure spontaneous combustion, resulting in knocking.
The maximum wear of the Piston Ring sliding surface often occurs at the top of the cylinder, because it is under high temperature gas, destroying the oil film, causing easy melting conditions, thus accelerating the wear of the Piston Ring. Often the so-called normal wear and tear actually contains a slight wear and abrasive wear. Each ring ring sliding surface wear is not the same, the first air ring wear the largest, the second ring is about half of the first road, the oil ring wear the smallest. For example, the Piston Ring on the Steyr WD615 engine after 500h reliability test, the first air ring opening gap wear 0.4 ~ 0.6mm, the second opening gap wear 0.25 ~ 0.4mm, oil ring opening gap Wear is 0.3 ~ 0.55mm. But sometimes the oil ring wear is greater than the middle of a few rings, which is due to the cylinder surface lubricating oil distribution and adsorption of impurities.