How Many Of These Distributor Rotor Applications Are And How Do You Know

- Aug 15, 2017 -

How many of these Distributor Rotor applications are and how do you know
  There may be a lot of people listen to me to write Distributor Rotor more articles, but forget the simplest application of the piston and what is the role, and today to give you a detailed review of what; Distributor Rotor is a large outward expansion The deformed metal elastic ring, which is fitted into the profile with its corresponding annular groove. The reciprocating and rotary motion of the Distributor Rotor, depending on the pressure difference of the gas or liquid, forms a seal between the outer circumferential surface of the ring and the cylinder and one side of the ring and ring groove.
First, the scope of application: Distributor Rotor is widely used in a variety of power machinery, such as steam engines, diesel engines, gasoline engines, compressors, hydraulic machines. General Distributor Rotor installed in the piston ring groove, and the piston, cylinder, cylinder head and other components of the composition of the chamber work.

Second, the role: Distributor Rotor role, including sealing, regulating oil (oil control), thermal (heat transfer), guided (support) four roles.
        Seal: refers to the sealed gas, do not let the combustion chamber of the gas leakage to the crankcase, the gas leakage control to a minimum, improve thermal efficiency. Leakage will not only make the engine power down, but also make the oil deterioration, which is the main task of the gas ring;
        Adjust the oil (oil control): the cylinder wall of the excess oil scraping off, while the cylinder wall on the cloth with a thin oil film to ensure that the cylinder and piston and ring the normal lubrication, which is the main task of the oil ring. In the modern high-speed engine, special attention to the role of Distributor Rotor control oil film;
        Thermal conductivity: through the Distributor Rotor will be the piston heat conduction to the cylinder, that is, from the cooling effect. According to reliable data that the piston top of the heat received by 70 to 80% through the Distributor Rotor passed to the cylinder wall and scattered;
        Support: The Distributor Rotor keeps the piston in the cylinder to prevent direct contact of the piston with the cylinder wall, to ensure smooth movement of the piston, to reduce frictional resistance, and to prevent the piston from knocking the cylinder. General gasoline engine piston with two air ring, an oil ring, while the diesel engine is used three air ring, an oil ring.
        The concept of knowledge is above these, the actual knowledge, have the old master or their own to explore it!
Do you know the best time to replace Distributor Rotor? The experience of the engine shows that the Distributor Rotor has lost its sealing speed due to wear and wears faster than the cylinder liner to the limit. Distributor Rotor wears the fastest and most serious is the first gas ring at work. Since the first rotor Rotor is close to the combustion chamber, the viscosity of the oil at high temperatures drops and is even burned to form dry friction. At the same time, the high pressure gas makes the first Rotor pressed against the lower surface of the ring groove, exacerbating wear. With its own elasticity and high-pressure gas, the Distributor Rotor is tightly attached to the cylinder wall, greatly exacerbating the radial wear of the Distributor Rotor and its elasticity. These will result in a dramatic reduction in the sealing effect of the Distributor Rotor, which affects the performance of the engine and the increase in carbon deposits in the cylinder, with a large number of exhausted flue gas and a serious cigarette smoke. At this point, under normal conditions in the cylinder wear, you must replace the Distributor Rotor way to improve the technical performance of the engine, or between the two overhaul can be replaced between 1 or 2 times Distributor Rotor.
In addition to the above wear and tear, there are abnormal damage, such as in the minor repair for the new ring backlash, the end of the gap is too small or Coke block to ring the ring, the engine is too rough, causing the rotor Rotor strong vibration Fracture; small rotary ring without scraping the cylinder and breaking the rotor Rotor. Where this must be replaced in time to prevent more serious consequences.