How To Properly Debug Engine Tool

- Jul 25, 2017 -

How to properly debug Engine Tool
 The Engine Tool is used to measure the pressure state of the liquid flowing through the pipe (water and fluorinated refrigerant) or air, and its typical application is to show pressure and control pressure. Mechanical life ≥10 million times (reference value JC series ≥40 million times) Engine Tool to maintain its normal performance can withstand the maximum pressure. The Engine Tool is mainly suitable for large steam boiler pressure protection. Such as superheated steam pressure protection, steam drum protection, reheat steam pressure protection. Its role is to increase the risk of steam to reach the dangerous value, the pressure protection components (here for the Engine Tool 0 action, through the control loop death safety door action to remove steam, pressure relief, to protect the safety of the purpose of the boiler.

The right side of the Engine Tool adjustment screw is a direct adjustment of the upper limit switching value, the Engine Tool at the top of the left side of the adjustment screw is to adjust the switch pressure difference, the first two relationship is: upper limit switching value - switch pressure = lower limit switching value. The upper limit switching value can be adjusted directly on the scale. The lower handoff value is adjusted by the following operation.

For example, the pressure of the controlled medium is maintained between 0.5 and 0.8 MPa.
(1). Use the pressure controller (JC-210HNS-210) with the set value range 0.1-1.0Mpa,
(2). Rotate the pressure adjustment screw on the top of the top  Let the pointer be at 0.8Mpa (8kg or 8bar) of the scale  This value is the upper limit switch value.
(3). Rotate the pressure adjustment screw on the top of the left. Let the pointer indicate the 0.3Mpa lower limit switch value of the scale. = The upper limit switch value - switch pressure difference = 0.8 - 0.3 = 0.5 This value is the lower limit switching value.
(4) Connect the terminal of the controller to the controlled electrical circuit. Please note that  ① for the public wiring. ③ for the beginning of the output. ⑤ is normally closed output. High voltage protection  please connect ① ⑤  in the normal boost  ①-⑤ turn on (①-③ unreasonable). Pressure rose to set the upper limit when 0.8Mpa  ①-⑤ unreasonable (①-③ connected). When the pressure drops  At this time ①-③ When the pressure drops to the lower limit set point, that is, 0.3Mpa. And switch to ①-⑤ turn on (①-③ unreasonable). Step-down stop  pressure recovery  automatically cycle.
(5). Turn on the power  Let the controlled medium (water, gas) pressure rise. Please note that the adjustment of the Engine Tool to set the value of the engine and the pressure indicator is consistent  (such as the pressure rose to the upper limit set  switch has not yet action  that is, turn the pressure adjustment screw  fine tune to the switch action  and repeat again ) And the lower limit to verify  process ibid. (Repeated several times) with a red paint to fix the Engine Tool at the top of the iron pressure adjustment screw and differential pressure adjustment screw.
 The advantages of the Engine Tool are as follows:
1, can be freely set the upper and lower pressure control points, and can be accurately controlled, including electronic Engine Tool using high-precision AD and high-speed microprocessors, all digital design, 4 digital display current pressure or level value, pressure Or level can be set according to their own needs;
2, for the conventional environment of household pumps do not need to install pressure tank;
3, the buffer movement of the design can effectively prevent the frequent start of the pump to protect the motor; electronic Engine Tool can be set high and low pressure or level alarm point, and through the relay or optocoupler output to the control device; output dual relay Double throw) switch volume;
In order to ensure the efficiency of the work, electronic Engine Tool using high-precision pressure sensor, mechanical Engine Tool than the high precision, small hysteresis, fast response, stable and reliable; to adjust the work of the engine, No dead zone, you can set the entire range of relay operating pressure point。