Is The Quality Of The Engine Tool Related To The Engine Knockout?

- Oct 09, 2017 -

The engine can be said that the heart of the machine is not an exaggeration, a bad heart machine is obviously a substandard product, in which the Engine Tool which will directly affect the quality of the engine is good or bad.
Engine Tool is one of the important parts of the engine, its working condition is good or bad, directly affect the engine power, economy and reliability. Factors that affect the life of the Engine Tool are important for proper use and maintenance in addition to factors such as design, manufacturing processes, and materials.
Manufacturing quality: the requirements of the Engine Tool material should have good heat resistance, thermal conductivity, wear resistance, a certain degree of toughness, flexibility and sufficient strength. In particular, the elasticity of the Engine Tool and the end, backlash and backlash of the Engine Tool are critical. Currently widely used materials for high-quality gray cast iron, ductile iron Engine Tools or alloy cast iron. Because the first Engine Tool is directly in contact with high temperature and high pressure gas, the outer surface of the ring is chrome plated to increase the suitability of the ring. Good quality Engine Tool, its life can naturally be extended.
What is detonation?
Gasoline engine combustion is very complex, so the need for a very accurate design and control, a little control errors or disorders, it will cause abnormal combustion, and "knock" is an abnormal combustion. Simply put, the knock is not normal combustion caused by the pressure inside the combustion chamber.
The cause of the knock
Before talking about the cause of the knock, Engine Tool first understand two things.
First, the mixture in the combustion chamber combustion, the flame is the ignition point to "wave" way to spread around, so from the ignition to the complete combustion of oil and gas takes a short time.
Second, oil and gas need to rely on spark plugs, but too high temperature, high pressure environment will make oil and gas spontaneous combustion.
The general detonation is because the combustion chamber after the ignition of oil and gas, Engine Tool the flame has not yet fully diffuse, long-range unburned oil and gas that is due to high temperature or high pressure and spontaneous combustion, the flame and the normal combustion of the flame hit a great pressure, making the engine is not normal tap.
Cause knocking mainly for the following reasons
1, the ignition angle is too early in advance:
In order for the Engine Tool to be powered immediately after the end of the compression headstep, a power stroke is immediately energized, usually in advance of the Engine Tool reaching the top dead center (since it takes some time from ignition to complete combustion). And too early the ignition will make the Engine Tool is still compressed stroke, most of the oil and gas has been burning, then unburned oil and gas will withstand great pressure spontaneous combustion, resulting in knocking.
2, the engine over carbon deposition:
The engine in the combustion chamber excessive carbon deposition, in addition to the compression ratio will increase (resulting in high pressure), Engine Tool will also produce high temperature hot spots in the carbon deposition, the engine knock.
3, the engine temperature is too high:
The engine in the hot environment makes the intake air temperature is too high, or the engine cooling water circulation is bad, will cause the engine high temperature and knock.
4, air-fuel ratio is not correct:
Too lean fuel air mixing ratio, Engine Tool will make the combustion temperature increase, and the combustion temperature will increase the engine temperature increase, of course, easy to knock.
5, the fuel octane number is too low:
Octane number is fuel anti-knocking indicators, Engine Tool the higher the octane number, the stronger the anti-knocking.
High compression ratio of the engine, the combustion chamber pressure is higher, if the use of anti-knocking low fuel, it is prone to knock.
to sum up
Engine Tool is one of the important parts of the engine, so the engine is the correct combustion and Engine Tools are closely related.