Oil Pressure Switch Reliability Guarantee

- Jul 25, 2017 -

Oil Pressure Switch reliability guarantee
 The working principle of the Oil Pressure Switch is the external force through the transmission components such as pins, buttons, levers, rollers and other forces on the action reed, and the accumulation of energy to the critical point, resulting in instantaneous action, so that the end of the action reed Moving contact and fixed contact quickly connected or disconnected. When the force on the transmission element is removed, the action reed produces a reverse operating force, and when the transmission element reverses the stroke to the action point of the reed, the reverse operation is instantaneously completed.
The factors that affect the reliability of the hydraulic switch are:
1, to adjust the set value does not move or delay action: external mechanical force of the transmission components (by pins, buttons, levers, rollers and other easy to damage) led to the measurement mechanism of the sensitive components easy to damage.
2, because the action of the multi-time, micro-switch easy deformation damage.
3, the contact easily oxidized lead to signal transitive errors.

In order to improve the hydraulic switch work performance and reliability, in the usual operation need to pay attention to the following:

First of all to ensure the quality of the hydraulic switch, in the choice of hydraulic switch, it should ensure that its type, caliber, the performance can meet the requirements; hydraulic switch of the various components to have sufficient strength and stiffness, in accordance with national norms Through the pressure test, air tightness and other tests. The manufacturer's manufacturing technology and test methods must meet the specifications, to be approved by the competent authorities.

Second, to improve the quality of the operator, to strengthen their training, in order to prevent misuse, the technical staff must pay attention to the nameplate marked the note. According to China's new pneumatic and hydraulic switch specifications, pneumatic actuators of the nameplate at least to mark the manufacturer name, product model, design number, rated flow coefficient, product number and manufacturing date. The valve body should be cast out or out of the direction of the flow of the arrow and the DN value and the PN words and values. Important valves should have enough accessories, such as locators, limit switches and so on. To have enough device space and operating space, there is enough space and operation of the device, there is enough lighting, there are strict operating procedures.
 Hydraulic switch applications more and more widely, but the quality of the Oil Pressure Switch on the market there are also good and bad phenomenon, in the choice of hydraulic switch and hydraulic switch in the event of some failure when we should be how to deal with it?

The choice of hydraulic switch must pay attention to the following questions:

1. The need for explosion-proof: explosion-proof form is divided into flameproof and intrinsically safe, Nagano products for the majority of flameproof.
2. Need to indicate: according to customer instructions.
3. Determination of the set value and pressure range: The recommended setting range is between 30% and 65% of the pressure range, which can be set between 15% and 90% of the pressure range.
4. Number of contacts: one contact (one output) or two contacts (two outputs).
5. If there is pulsation: If the pressure has pulsation or vibration, need to bring the throttle to suppress the pulsating pressure on the instrument damage.
6. The form of splicing: adjustable or fixed.
7. With the diaphragm of the occasion: the determination of corrosive, high viscosity or temperature is too high, the need to use with a diaphragm.