Periodically Check The Brake System Of Safety Knowledge

- Nov 01, 2016 -

    Braking system for vehicle safety-critical. But on the brake system maintenance often ignored by the driver. Often found when the brakes are not working properly, before repair braking system. This is likely due to the brake failure sudden failure lead to disaster. Therefore, only the regular brake system maintenance and maintenance in order to ensure the normal operation of the braking system, so as to guarantee security. Cars and small vans brakes using brake fluid of delivered braking force. Regardless of any braking system is made up of brake pads (disc) or brake(drums) complete the braking effect. To periodically check the brake pad or brakeshoe thickness.

    When they discovered its thickness near or less than manufacturer's minimum thickness should be replaced immediately. Check the brake pads at the same time, andto check the wear of the brake disc or drum brakes, such as exposure to surface dent disc or drum to ensure contact with the brake pads improve braking force.

    Of circuit braking the car, before driving to check the brake fluid level. If oil is found face down, to check whether the brake oil leaking immediately. Brake fluid due to absorbed moisture from the air, a long time will fail. According to the manufacturer replace the brake fluid on a regular basis. Best replaced once a year.

    Typically we will use brake warning light on the dashboard is illuminated as judgeof the change brake, but this is the last line, if the time changed, it is very dangerous. Would like to remind you that, although all vehicles have the warning system, but directly sense the thickness of the brake, brake, some are completely finished grinding, brake fluid extreme fall, before the warning lights lit. If it's the latter, wait until the warning light comes on, brake lining metal base with brake discs have beenin a State of iron sharpens iron, then, will see electric vehicle tire near the rim edges of bright iron. Therefore, each in for a maintenance check the brake pads can beused, and change close to the life of the bottom line brake early, not only believe that the warning light.

    All had been let out of the brake fluid from the system are supposed to be dropped off.Brake maintenance project, periodically check the brake fluid level is the most important. At least once a month, more would be better.

    Do be careful not to spill brake fluid base paint, because it has a strong corrosiveand will destroy the finish.

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