Principle Of Automotive Engine Cooling System

- Nov 01, 2016 -

    Engine cooling system is the engine cooling, ensure that the engine always at optimum temperature conditions, allows the engine to achieve higher engine performance, dynamic performance, reliable performance.

    Consisting of automobile engine cooling system: water jacket; tanks (radiator); pumps thermostat electronic fan; hose coolant temperature sensor.

    Engine cooling unit with water cooling using cylinder channel of circulating water cooling, heating channel water into the radiator (water tank), wind cooling and thenreturned to the channel.

    When the engine is running, water pump rotation along with improved coolant pressure, coolant circulation. Circulation of the cooling liquid takes engine block, cylinder liner, cylinder head and other parts of the heat when the coolant temperaturedoes not reach the thermostat opening temperature, coolant circulation through the water, straight from the pump back into the cylinder, because cooling avoids unnecessary cooling, the temperature will rise rapidly. When the coolant temperature reaches the thermostat opening temperature, thermostat valve close bypass thesmall circulation water, coolant temperature will wear for the holidays into the radiator water, hot water by the suction air flow of the fan forced cooling, dissipatingheat. The cooling liquid temperature has fallen, leaving room to sink into the water, the pump in the pump cylinder to retake the cooling cycle.

    Open car within heater device of when, in cooling system pressure of role Xia, part hot from cylinder head Shang of water copper tube leads, into heater thermal device, in heater machine fan of role Xia, flows through heater machine radiator water core of cooling liquid by with of heat, was heater machine fan blow out of wind away, hot air after sent wind tube blow to wind window for except cream or from throttle blow out for cab heating. Heater radiator coolant coolant water pump inletpipe via pipe, to retake the loop.

    If these pipes liquid flow smoothly, then only cooled liquid in contact with pipes. Liquid flowing from the pipeline to pipe heat conducted depends on pipelines and contact temperature differences between tube liquid. So, if rapid cooling of liquid in contact with pipe, then the heat transfer is less. Manufactured by pipe turbulence, mix all liquids will be kept hot liquids in contact with pipe to absorb more heat,making effective use of all liquids in the pipeline.

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