REIT Deep Plowing Road In Inida---India Local Manufacturing

- Oct 23, 2017 -

REIT Deep Plowing Road in Inida---India local manufacturing

After marketing in India for more than 10 years,now REIT brand have achieved great reputation in India construction circle.In order to further expand the influence of the market in India,and also in accordance with the “going out ”call from government ,REIT has started the preparations for localization of manufacturing as early as three years ago.After continuous improvement and innovation,now REIT India have the full ability of mass production for manufacturing middle and small capacity equipment.With this advantage ,we can greatly shorten the delivery time ,and more important is that quality can be comparable with domestic production.Customers have realized the dream to get good quality and reasonable price machine at home and enjoy faster and more convenient after-sales service.

Completely India make RT6C block machine, No better,only the best.

High quality products is the spokesman of REIT machine.Customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

Our development need team support--India marketing team member


At the forefront of this industry, we are not afraid of any challenge.We believe that through the great efforts of REIT people, REIT can obtain more brilliant performance in India, more important is to establish a strong national brand in abroad..