Surface Treatment Of Piston Ring Material

- Oct 27, 2017 -

Surface treatment of Piston Ring material
The main function of the gas ring is to seal and heat transfer. To ensure that the piston and the cylinder wall between the seal to prevent the combustible mixture within the cylinder and high temperature gas leaked into the crankcase, and the top of the piston to accept the heat transfer to the cylinder wall, to prevent the piston overheating. The main function of the oil ring is to scrape off the excess oil to the cylinder wall, and in the cylinder wall coated with a layer of uniform oil film. Piston Ring work by the cylinder in the high temperature, high pressure gas role, and in poor lubrication under the conditions of high speed sliding in the cylinder. Due to the cylinder wall shape error, so that the Piston Ring in the upper and lower sliding at the same time also radial movement in the ring groove. This not only increases the wear of the ring and the ring groove, but also the Piston Ring by the role of alternating bending stress and easy to break.
Piston Ring material and surface treatment. According to the function and working conditions of the Piston Ring, the material of the Piston Ring should have good wear resistance, thermal conductivity, heat resistance, impact toughness, elasticity and sufficient mechanical strength. Currently widely used Piston Ring materials are high-quality gray cast iron, ductile iron, alloy cast iron and steel and so on.
The Piston Ring is one of the important parts of the engine. Piston Ring is divided into two kinds of gas ring and oil ring. The role of the Piston Ring: sealing gas; evenly distributed on the cylinder wall of the lubricating oil and to prevent the oil fleeing into the combustion chamber; export the heat on the piston; support the piston, to prevent the piston directly with the cylinder wall contact. Piston Ring work directly affects the performance of the engine, the work of the possibility and service life.
Piston Ring and other rings do not seem much difference, but for the engine, its role, but very large,
If the Piston Ring in the cylinder can not perfect to maintain the sealing effect, due to a large number of gas leakage caused by insufficient compression, the engine can not get the established compression pressure, so that power, thermal efficiency also decreases. Leakage is caused by abnormal expansion and deformation of the piston, biting cylinder or pull cylinder, ring cement or stuck and other serious accidents one of the main reasons. So the Piston Ring sealing effect is very important, the Piston Ring only in the completion of the role of sealing under the premise, to play its role in thermal conductivity, support and so on.
There are many factors that affect the wear of the Piston Ring, and these factors are often intertwined. In addition, the type of engine and the use of different conditions, the piston wear is also very different, and thus can not only improve the Piston Ring itself, the structure and materials to solve the problem, the Piston Ring manufacturers to remind, mainly from the following aspects to proceed:
Piston Rings and cylinder liner materials and good match; surface treatment; structural state; lubricants and additives selection; due to assembly and operation of the heat caused by the cylinder liner and piston deformation.
Piston Ring is in the high temperature and high pressure gas, along the cylinder wall reciprocating slide, in order to make it durable, the cylinder wall must always maintain the right amount of lubricating oil film, if the cylinder wall attached to the oil too much, the excess The oil will be sucked into the combustion chamber, so that the oil consumption increases, resulting in deterioration of engine performance. Therefore, the regular maintenance of the amount of oil is to continue to play the necessary conditions for engine performance, which requires both the role of gas ring from the seal, but also from the role of regulating oil; oil ring is required to maintain the role of oil lubrication required to maintain lubrication.