Take Good Care Of Your Car's Brake System

- Nov 01, 2016 -

    Over a long period of time if the total lack of brake fluid, and you're always adding, then obviously there is something wrong with your brake system, you should check it out. Brake fluid warning colors will. Brake fluid should not have darker in color, and should not like burnt. If that's the case, then it's a problem, but this does not often happen. Brake systems for car safety is extremely important, you should always check brake oil oil level, oil level lower than the lower limit, adding to the time limit. Another strong brake fluid is hygroscopic, and after using it for some timeafter, brake fluid absorbs too much moisture in the air around and cause brake fluid boiling point lower, causing brake when the brake fluid boiling or failure fault, so the brake fluid must be replaced periodically. After mixing different brands of brake fluid, are likely to react or corroded brake system, must be replaced when replacing brake fluid of the same brand. Brake pads are easier to wear in the brake system components, you need to regularly check the degree of wear, if wear limit exceeds manufacturers requirements, it must be replaced.

    Brake system maintenance is often neglected by owners, it is likely being caused by a sudden failure brake failure. Therefore, the maintenance technician reminded vehicle owners that only brake systems are constantly care and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the braking system, so as to guarantee security.

    1, brake pad replacement. Usually we to instrument Board Shang brake warning lamp whether bright up as the shouldn't for brake hoof tablets of judge according to, but this is last bottom line, part car is in brake hoof tablets has completely mill finished warning lamp only will bright up, then, brake tablets metal base and brake disc has in iron mill iron State, will in tires near round circle edge see bright of iron cut. Therefore, each in for a maintenance check the brake pads can be used, andreplaced earlier near-life line of brake pads.

    2, daily maintenance of the brake system. Clean, high quality brake fluid is safe and good braking system. Buy good quality brake fluid on the market. All off the brake fluid should be dropped off.

    Conservation and maintenance methods

    Method: clean with compressed air brake system, or is not clean, and then lubricated with grease pump pins and pads.


    First, use a professional brake cleaning agent, liquid in the tank to fully shake wellbefore use, spray directly to the need to clean the parts, until the dust and greaseremove, wipe clean with clean towels, leaving no dust and residue.

    Second, with professional guide pin brake pump lubricant, wear gloves, the product evenly in the brake cylinder guide pin guide pin grooves, cannot be combined with other minerals mixed with lubricants.

    Third, professional brake high temperature protection, wear a single glove, applybrakes rear brakes at both ends of the slide chute.

Killed IV, specializing in the high temperature resistance of lubricant, wear gloves and apply product evenly on each tire screw rod and ring-tire and wheel on the metal contact surface between.

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