The Cause Of The Deviation Of The Distributor Rotor

- Jul 25, 2017 -

The cause of the deviation of the Distributor Rotor
 Distributor Rotor error and the reasons for its emergence, because some customers encounter these problems, so Xiaobian answer here. This is no stranger to some of the production enterprises, the Distributor Rotor this product is no stranger, and even can be said that very familiar with this product, often used in the production line production process in a link control , Is part of the mechanical automation. The use of the Distributor Rotor can make the production gradually towards a trend of automation, precision and low cost. With the Distributor Rotor in the production of more and more applications, the Distributor Rotor some of the problems are increasingly prominent. The customer discovers that the deviation of the measurement is gradually occurring as the age of the Distributor Rotor increases. This is also the customer to tell us some of the situation.

The cause of the dispenser rotor measurement error
In general, the reasons for the error are the following four points are
1, although the current market, although there are a large number of Distributor Rotor, but because the manufacturer's conditions are not the same environment, the product itself is different from the material. Each enterprise production of products, often in the useful life and product specifications are not the same, which have determined the length of life of the product, and even some companies in order to reduce production costs, the use of low-grade materials, making the late use of the process gradually This is the kind of problem.
2, because the precision instruments are generally tested after the laboratory was put into production, and products applied to the production enterprises, the use of the Distributor Rotor frequency is far beyond the laboratory. In this way, the exact measurement of the data in the laboratory, with the increase in product frequency and the use of the increase in the accuracy of the measured data with the laboratory measurement data generated a deviation.
3, man-made factors, the commonly used distributor of the rotor pressure table is very fine scale, the operator after a long period of labor, due to fatigue, often there are misreading, or even misjudgment of the phenomenon. So this may also be a cause of measurement bias.
4, the Distributor Rotor in the course of work, the operator due to the judge and read the different, will also cause measurement bias.

Summary: how to try to avoid the problem of error, for a high-quality, by the regular manufacturers of products, the product of the above-mentioned measurement bias probability is relatively much less.
 Distributor Rotor is widely used: Distributor Rotor is widely used in power plants, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electricity, water supply, boilers, food machinery, environmental protection equipment and other fields in a variety of gas, liquid gauge, Measurement and control; also widely used in household, commercial, automotive refrigeration system of high and low pressure protection control, steam conditions and power stations; accumulator, receiver, flash tank, separator, scrubber, oil refining device. Including in the aerospace and military fields, such as M1A1 tanks, Apollo spacecraft, Boeing 747, Airbus A320, F22, F117 and other products manufacturing is also essential.

Only a 5000t / d cement production line, the key parts of the process must be set to the Distributor Rotor, such as the kiln head, kiln tail, the top and bottom of the preheater at the bottom, the air duct and the cooling room, To monitor the normal operation of the process. According to statistics, a new dry cement production line need to set the Distributor Rotor is about 80 units.