The Method Of Significantly Reducing The Wear Of The Piston Ring Is To Perform Surface Treatment

- Oct 09, 2017 -

The way to significantly reduce the wear of the Piston Ring is to perform surface treatment. There are many ways to deal with the surface, in terms of its role, can be summarized as the following three categories:
Increases surface hardness to reduce abrasive wear. That is, on the working surface of the ring to form a very hard metal layer, so that the soft cast iron abrasive is not easy to insert into the surface, improve the wear resistance of the ring. Now the most widely used is the loose hole chrome, not only the high hardness of chrome layer (HV800 ~ 1000), the friction coefficient is very small, and loose hole chrome layer has a good oil storage structure, it can significantly improve the wear resistance of the Piston Ring. In addition, chrome low cost, good stability, in most cases have a good use of performance. Therefore, the first ring of modern car engines use chrome rings, and the oil ring is almost 100% using chrome rings. Practice has proved that the Piston Ring chrome, not only its own wear and tear, and other chrome-free Piston Ring and cylinder wear is also small.
For high-speed or enhanced engines, the Piston Ring not only to the outer surface of chrome-plated, and the upper and lower end surface also chrome, to reduce the end of wear, all ring outside the garden is best all chrome, to reduce the wear of the entire Piston Ring group.
Improve the Piston Ring working surface of the oil storage capacity and resistance to melt to prevent wear and tear. The lubricating oil film on the working surface of the Piston Ring is damaged at high temperature and sometimes dry friction occurs. If a layer of storage oil and anti-fouling surface coating is applied to the surface of the Piston Ring, the wear and tear Resistance to cylinder capacity. Piston Ring spray molybdenum has a very high anti-melt wear capacity. On the one hand because the spray molybdenum layer is porous structure of the oil storage structure; on the other hand, the melting point of molybdenum is relatively high (2630 ℃), dry friction can still work effectively. In this case, the spray molybdenum ring has a higher resistance to chrome plating.
Improve the initial run-in surface treatment. This surface treatment is in the Piston Ring surface covered with a layer of appropriate softness, elastic and vulnerable substances, so that the ring and the cylinder liner protruding part of the contact to accelerate wear, thereby shortening the run-in period, the ring into a stable working condition The Currently more commonly used is phosphating treatment. In the Piston Ring surface to form a soft texture, easy to wear phosphate film, due to phosphating treatment equipment is simple, easy to operate, low cost, high efficiency, so the small engine Piston Ring process commonly used. In addition, tin and oxidation treatment can also improve the initial run-in.
In the Piston Ring surface treatment, chrome and spray molybdenum is the most commonly used method. In addition, according to the type of engine, structure, use and working conditions are also used in other surface treatment methods, such as soft nitriding, curing, filling iron oxide and so on.
Piston Ring wear is a more complex phenomenon, the formation of many factors, and often complex intertwined, therefore, in the solution of Piston Ring wear problems, we must fully analyze the various factors in order to design, materials, manufacturing processes, Processing and lubricants and other aspects of reasonable arrangements, and ultimately achieve satisfactory results.
  Piston Ring is one of the key parts of the engine, its work directly affects the performance of the engine. At the same time, the Piston Ring is a consumable part, repair Piston Ring, usually to lift the piston, therefore, often to repair or replace the Piston Ring time as the engine of the first maintenance period.
In recent years, due to the engine to the high-speed and strengthen the direction of development, the working conditions of the Piston Ring more and more harsh, its wear resistance also put forward higher requirements; car engine Piston Ring and cylinder wear between these features :
1. Piston Ring in the upper and lower points between the reciprocating movement, the speed changes from the static state to up to 30m / s or so, so repeatedly to make a significant change.
2. When reciprocating, the cylinder pressure changes greatly during the intake, compression, work and exhaust strokes of the working cycle.
3. Because of the impact of the combustion process, the movement of the Piston Ring is often carried out at high temperatures, especially the first gas ring, in the high temperature and pressure and combustion products produced by the chemical effect, the oil film is difficult to establish, to achieve complete Lubrication is more difficult, and often in a critical lubrication state.
There are many factors that affect the wear of the Piston Ring, in which the material and shape of the Piston Ring, the material and structure of the cylinder liner piston, the lubrication state, the engine structure, the operating conditions, the quality of the fuel and lubricating oil are the main factors. Of course, in the same cylinder, the lubrication state of the Piston Ring wear is the greatest impact, it can be said that the Piston Ring wear depends largely on the lubrication state. The ideal ring between the lubrication between the two sliding surface is a layer of uniform oil film, but this situation does not exist, especially the first air ring, due to the impact of high temperature, it is difficult to establish a better lubrication The