The Most Comprehensive Range Of Piston Ring And Maintenance Knowledge

- Aug 07, 2017 -

The most comprehensive range of Piston Ring and maintenance knowledge
The most comprehensive range of Piston Ring applications and maintenance knowledge, the Piston Ring is a large outward expansion deformation of the metal elastic ring, it is fitted to the profile and its corresponding ring groove. Reciprocating and rotating motion of the Piston Ring, relying on the gas or liquid pressure difference between the ring in the outer surface and the cylinder and ring and ring groove between the side to form a seal.
  Piston Ring are widely used in a variety of power machinery, such as steam engines, diesel engines, gasoline engines, compressors, hydraulic press and so on. General Piston Ring installed in the ring of the piston, it and the piston, cylinder, cylinder head and other components of the composition of the chamber work.
Piston Ring action includes sealing, regulating oil (oil control), thermal (heat transfer), guided (support) four roles. Seal: refers to the sealed gas, do not let the combustion chamber of the gas leakage to the crankcase, the gas leakage control to a minimum, improve thermal efficiency. Leakage will not only make the engine power down, but also make the oil deterioration, which is the main task of the gas ring; adjust the oil (oil control): the cylinder wall of the excess oil scraping off, while the cylinder wall cloth thin Thin oil film to ensure the normal lubrication of the cylinder and piston and ring, which is the main task of the oil ring. In the modern high-speed engine, with particular emphasis on the role of the Piston Ring control film; heat: the Piston Ring through the piston heat conduction to the cylinder, that is, from the cooling effect. According to reliable data, the piston top of the heat received by 70 to 80% through the Piston Ring to the cylinder wall and scattered; support: the Piston Ring to keep the piston in the cylinder to prevent the piston and the cylinder wall in direct contact, To ensure smooth movement of the piston, reduce frictional resistance, and to prevent the piston knocking cylinder. General gasoline engine piston with two air ring, an oil ring, while the diesel engine is used three air ring, an oil ring.
Why does the Piston Ring improperly cause the engine cylinder to pull the cylinder?
  Piston Ring elasticity refers to the Piston Ring in the external force after deformation to restore the original shape of the force. This force makes the Piston Ring always close with the cylinder bi, in the oil closed, the role of lubrication to maintain the role of cylinder pressure. Piston Ring when the high hardness is also large, otherwise the elastic is also small.
Piston Ring after molding is not installed into the cylinder before the hole than the large, oval, into the cylinder after the round, so the Piston Ring is reduced after the elastic ring generated. And the cylinder supporting the Piston Ring into the cylinder after the ring clearance is appropriate, no longer file, ring and cylinder wall by a good fit, the elastic standard. If the size of the cylinder is not accurate, that is, between the two levels, equipped with the Piston Ring
Must be larger, it can only file some ring mouth, so that the elastic will increase, the outer diameter will be a round. If the hardness of the Piston Ring and then larger, then the light cylinder blown gas, heavy Piston Ring will cylinder wall surface hair, and gradually formed pull cylinder.
Piston Ring light is the precursor of the cylinder, must pay attention. If the engine after the overhaul of the engine gas, once again replace the Piston Ring would rather make the ring gap larger, and never used lee leung ring more than the file ring mouth.
  Very depressed Piston Ring gas ring leakage is how is it? Piston Ring I do not say, and today talk about the Piston Ring in the ring, the gas ring is usually possible to leak the gap, the amount of leakage increased. And fleeing into the Piston Ring backlash and backlash of gas, resulting in back pressure and side pressure, so that the ring on the cylinder wall to further compact, to strengthen the first and second sealing surface of the seal. However, if the ring is not good or poor contact with the cylinder wall surface bad, and in the ring and the cylinder wall between the gap, it is necessary to first leak.
With two sealed surfaces sealed, theoretically only the Piston Ring at the open end is the only leak through the channel. By the opening is very small, and each other by a certain position staggered, the formation of a labyrinth gas-filled route, the gas through the gas ring after the mouth, the pressure dropped significantly, the gas leakage is very small.