The Old Driver Had To Know The Function Of The Oil Pressure Switch

- Oct 09, 2017 -

The old driver had to know the function of Oil Pressure Switch, Oil Pressure Switch is small, but the role is not small, but also want to use the machine for a long time less problems, that oil switch accessories must be the first choice for the item. It can be seen that the hydraulic switch is small but its function is so powerful. Not much to say into the theme, the following describes the function of hydraulic switch:
1, sealing function
In the compression and expansion stroke, the Oil Pressure Switch acts on the upper and lower gases, where the first ring seals about 80-90% of the gas, the second ring seals about 10-20% of the gas, the oil ring seal About 5% of the gas
2, support function
Piston, hydraulic switch for synchronous reciprocating motion, the piston on the hydraulic switch to exert a large positive pressure, and reciprocating inertia force. When the crank link on the piston side of the pressure and want to make the piston biased, the Oil Pressure Switch due to the role of the piston on the implementation of a reaction force, so as to support the role of the piston.
3, oil control function
Will splash or spray to the cylinder wall of the oil evenly on the cylinder wall, and the excess oil scraping, scraping the oil through the piston and cylinder liner gap, piston oil tank leakage hole back to the crankcase. The oil ring controls about 70-90% of the oil, and the gas ring controls about 10-20% of the oil
4, thermal function
About 70% of the Oil Pressure Switch is the oil pressure through the end of the cylinder into the cylinder, which, the first and second ring on the thermal conduction from the leading role in order to ensure that the piston heat balance
What should the Oil Pressure Switch pay attention to? But also to avoid what? The Oil Pressure Switch is an outwardly expanding and deformed metal elastic ring which is fitted into the corresponding annular groove. And between the ring and the side of the ring groove between the formation of a sealed and cross-section of the open ring, divided into gas ring and oil ring. The gas ring is a seal between the piston and the cylinder to prevent leakage. While the oil ring is scraping the excess oil on the cylinder to prevent the combustion chamber combustion, but also to improve the cylinder wall lubrication.
When the Oil Pressure Switch is removed from the ring groove, if it is intended to be reused, it should be removed with the Oil Pressure Switch and the same as when installed. If the Oil Pressure Switch is bonded in the ring groove, before taking out, be very careful to make the hydraulic switch to free movement, to avoid damage when removed.
The Oil Pressure Switch is used to embed the metal ring inside the piston groove. The Oil Pressure Switch is divided into two kinds: the compression ring and the oil ring. The compression ring can be used to seal the combustible mixture in the combustion chamber; the oil ring is used to scrape off the excess oil on the cylinder.
Oil Pressure Switch has two kinds of gas ring and oil ring. The role of the gas ring is to ensure that the piston and cylinder liner sliding with tight, to prevent high temperature, high pressure gas leakage into the crankcase, while the top of the piston suffered most of the heat through the cylinder wall spread out. The role of the oil ring is cloth oil and scraping oil, the engine is running, the crankcase of lubricating oil was thrown to the cylinder wall. When the piston up, the oil ring will be evenly distributed in the cylinder wall on the cylinder wall to facilitate lubrication; piston down, the oil ring on the cylinder wall of the excess oil scraping off, so as not to oil into the combustion chamber. There is a plurality of oil return rings in the annular groove recessed around the oil ring, and the oil from the oil ring is returned to the crankcase through the radial return hole of the oil ring groove bottom. The Oil Pressure Switch has a cut, with elasticity, with the piston for reciprocating motion, the Oil Pressure Switch and cylinder wall fit, or open or shrink, to ensure that the top of the plug and the cylinder to form a closed space.
After the Oil Pressure Switch is formed into the cylinder before the molding is bigger than the bore, it is oval, and it becomes circular after being fitted into the cylinder. Therefore, the elasticity of the Oil Pressure Switch is reduced after the ring diameter. And the cylinder supporting the Oil Pressure Switch into the cylinder after the ring clearance is appropriate, no longer file, ring and cylinder wall by a good, elastic standard. If the size of the cylinder is not accurate, that is, between the two levels, equipped with hydraulic switch