The Original Damage To The Piston Ring Will Lead To Oil Burning

- Sep 15, 2017 -

The original damage to the Piston Ring will lead to oil burning
    In our lives, the car has become one of our indispensable means of transport, whether it is travel or holidays to visit the relatives of various families, we will use the car, the car to facilitate our lives. But we sometimes find that our car oil in the sharp reduction of this situation, in fact, most of this situation is due to the damage caused by the Piston Ring.
Damage to the Piston Ring will cause the engine to burn the oil, so there will be a sharp reduction in the status of oil, the main phenomenon of automobile engine combustion oil performance for the exhaust pipe to take blue smoke. Idle state engine jitter occurs, engine oil in a routine maintenance (oil change) cycle (no drip phenomenon) is seriously missing. The reason for this situation is due to damage caused by the Piston Ring cylinder leakage, oil fleeing into the combustion chamber, and then participate in the combustion of mixed gas, resulting in oil combustion.
In addition to the Piston Ring problem, there are the following reasons can also cause oil burning: carbon deposition will exacerbate the piston and cylinder wall between the wear and tear, resulting in excessive gap, resulting in oil into the combustion chamber. Valve oil seal corrosion aging, resulting in lax sealing, the valve oil seal can be said to be the most vulnerable to the aging of the engine, basically driving more than 100,000 km of the car, have this problem. There is a high proportion of fuel in the oil, fuel supply system is poor, fuel atomization is not good, will make a lot of fuel or a mixture of over-thick fuel flow into the crankcase and oil mixture, the oil diluted. Air filter plug, will lead to poor air intake, so that the intake pressure drop, the formation of negative pressure, so that the case of negative pressure in the combustion chamber caused by burning oil. Oil filter plug, resulting in increased oil consumption. Exhaust valve (oil and gas separator, crankcase forced ventilation valve PVC valve) blocked or damaged, oil and gas mixture will be solidified here after the exhaust gas recovery pipe into the inlet, resulting in oil consumption.
Damage to the Piston Ring is the main cause of the engine oil burning engine, so we in the daily car detection, to more on the Piston Ring for testing, the timely replacement of the Piston Ring.
 Why the Piston Ring will turn to the same opening direction? For car owners, and often repair the car will often find in the internal combustion engine repair process, there will be such a situation. This is called the Piston Ring. So what is the cause of the Piston Ring? What is the impact of the deal?
Cause: The first reason for this may be that the Piston Ring is not in place when the Piston Ring is in service or when a new Piston Ring is replaced. The Piston Ring is generally 90 °, 120 °, or 180 ° when the Piston Ring is installed.
Moreover, the cylinder is in the long-term work, due to wear and tear caused by the cylinder taper and round, this time the engine in the work of the Piston Ring may ring in the ring, the pressure of the open end, turn roundness to adapt to the direction, The weary of the largest round of the circle into the Piston Ring up and down the movement of the "rail", so we became the beginning of the Piston Ring to see the situation. Of course, the deformation of the connecting rod will also form a Piston Ring to form a counterpart in the same direction
Hazard: the impact of the Piston Ring on the impact of the car engine In fact, quite big, the opponent will reduce the engine cylinder compression force, the occurrence of channeling gas phenomenon, so that the engine power and economic decline. Oil from the gap into the combustion chamber, causing burning oil and carbon deposition, to speed up the wear and tear, and even cause the cylinder.
So we have to carry out regular vehicle maintenance, once the Piston Ring to find the situation immediately to solve.