The Structure Of The Oil Pump Determines Its Wider Range Of Applications

- Aug 07, 2017 -

The structure of the Oil Pump determines its wider range of applications
The oil Oil Pump is generally used in combination with packing seal and mechanical seal. The packing is made of high temperature resistant packing, and it has excellent hot choke, while the mechanical seal is made of hard alloy with high mechanical strength and good wear resistance. The case of high temperature sealing function. Selection of the third generation of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) to do lip seal, rubber seals than the reliability of 25 times faster, better sealing, corrosion resistance is extremely strong. The support of the Oil Pump selection of the double-end ball bearing support structure method, the front use of lubricating oil lubrication, rear use of grease lubrication, the base of a guided tubing, at any time to check the sealing situation and recovery of heat transfer oil. Self-heating cooling structure, changing the traditional water-cooled structure, so that the structure is simple, small size, saving operating costs, good function, the use of reliable.
The Oil Pump is cooled around the sealed chamber and cooled by cold water to reduce the temperature of the sealed chamber to 200 to 250 ° C. For single-ended sealing, the use of write-on scouring and cleaning from the outside. Oil (generally not diesel, because the diesel is finished), both to reduce the temperature, but also to improve the working environment, is a fruitful method; gland outside the use of cold water; in addition to lower temperature, but also to avoid the sewer pipe blockage.
Oil Oil Pump in the oil, oil, boilers, construction, road maintenance, pharmaceutical, plastics, rubber, fiber-containing textile, printing and dyeing, food and other industries are used as a medium circulation Oil Pump, the use of good results. With the improvement of technology, its scope of application will be further expanded.
Performing status monitoring and maintenance according to the regulations is beneficial for extending the Oil Pump and connected motor life. The summary is as follows:
1, the general inspection of the project
① The Oil Pump should not be running at less than 30% of the rated flow conditions. If it is necessary to operate under this condition, it should be connected to the Oil Pump outlet to meet the requirements of the working conditions.
② motor can not be overloaded.
③ bearing body should always be filled with lubricating oil, if the equipment and the Oil Pump has been empty, you should re-add the oil.
④ observe the pressure gauge and thermometer.
⑤ often check the loose connection of the bolt, the Oil Pump vibration, and whether the Oil Pump running noise.
⑥ regular (usually 15 days) to check the bearing lubrication, and add grease and lubricants.
2, maintenance
Bearing and lubrication
① bearing the body to install two ball bearings, the initial oil filling can meet the 3000 hours of work, after running 3000 hours, remove and clean with diesel, check the contact surface is bright and no damage, or must replace the new bearings.
Clean the bearing, should be refilled with molybdenum disulfide grease, grease filling the amount of one-half of its space.
② to the bearing body filled with clean lubricants (to ensure that the operating viscosity of 13mm ² / s or more, such as CKC320 gear oil or 70 mechanical oil), the volume of the volume of the bearing volume of two-thirds. Each running 3000 hours should be filled with lubricant to the bearing body to ensure that the amount of oil.
3, the coupling to adjust the state of the check
After the initial use, and after the initial high-speed operation of the Oil Pump in the working temperature state, should check the concentricity of the coupling has changed. If necessary, should be re-adjusted, the Oil Pump shaft must be able to easily rotate by hand.
4, should be regularly check the impeller ring and the mouth of the mouth of the Oil Pump body wear, Oil Pump suction diameter is less than and equal to 100mm, the ring gap in the diameter of more than 1.5mm should be replaced when the suction diameter is greater than and equal to 125mm, When the diameter direction is greater than 2mm, it should be replaced.