Three Misunderstandings In The Brake System And Recommendations

- Nov 01, 2016 -

    Brake system is one of the most important components of a car, the brakes of modern cars are disc brakes and drum brakes in the system. On the advantages and disadvantages of both types of brakes there are many incorrect ideas and some businesses will steal some of the concepts of misleading consumers.

    Error: "disk brake better than drum brakes brake"

    This is a large part of human error. At the selected time, some people see the rearwheel with drum brake frowned. But you can see from our working principles, thesame drum brakes of diameter is larger than the disc brake brake force. As long as it is properly adjusted, drum brakes the braking distance will definitely not longer than the disc brake. In addition, the tires and braking system matches, body weight, body weight distribution affects the braking distance. Direct equal braking effect cannot have the same braking system specifications, which we have been verifiedin multiple braking tests. For example in the comparative test of fit, Po-lo, Mazda2, best of the brake is the Mazda 2 front disc rear drum, front and rear disc brakes fit 1.5 second.

    Myth: "the same four-wheel disc brakes, brake disc diameter of bigger is better"

    For the different models of cars of different brands, this argument cannot hold. Reason is we have said above, brake stopping distance performance and Tuning with the Depot has much to do, but there are many other factors that can have an impact. If the brake caliper is inadequate, brake pad friction coefficient is not high, tire grip is not enough, simply by increasing the brake doesn't make the vehicle's brake performance leap.

    Myth three: "the factory brake is so bad, I adapted a piston brake caliper"

    First of all, we recommend doing brake modifications to err, because each car's braking system is by automobile manufacturers of precision design and long term test match, any modification may damage the brake balance. Refit the brake caliper is likely to cause more wear to the OEM brake disc and brake pipes, brake fluid surrounding the upgrade it is difficult to improve braking performance. Attaches great importance to BMW in the performance of its most stick with single-piston brake calipers on the production model, it also proved that piston calipers from one side is not a universal remedy to improve braking performance.

    Word of advice

    Field tests of the most importantAs the world auto sport wind blows into China, a growing number of manufacturers have started to "sport" as a selling point. In the manufacturer's literature not onlya detailed introduction to the power, often airing in rare configurations in front and rear disc brake at the same level or with a maximum size of brake disc at the same level, and so on.

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