What Are The Factors That Affect The Life Of The Engine Tool?

- Jun 27, 2017 -

What are the factors that affect the life of the Engine Tool?
 The Engine Tool needs to work under high temperature, high pressure and tell the rotation, even if the technical tool to improve the performance of the Engine Tool, can not extend the life of the Engine Tool, the current high-quality Engine Tool can use 10,000 hours. Although we are using the Engine Tool, we still have to pay attention to the maintenance of the Engine Tools, let us look at the following factors affect the Engine Tool life?
    1, fuel
    Fuel compression ratio is too high, at the end of the fuel is easy to produce blasting, causing the piston top and Engine Tool ablation, and even penetrate and other failures; gasoline engine using unleaded petrol, if added to other additives, will produce carbon, Of the wear and tear, and the use of diesel diesel in the sulfur exceeded the standard, easy to combine with the water in the cylinder to form sulfuric acid combustion, resulting in Engine Tools and cylinder wall corrosion wear.
    2, lubricants
    The engine speed, heat load, there is a high demand for lubricants, lubricants help reduce wear and tear, thus extending the life of the Engine Tool.
    3, the working temperature
    The operating temperature of the engine is too low, the wear of the cylinder is several times the normal working temperature; and the working temperature is too high, the Engine Tool working conditions and the environment is more severe, especially in the work of the deadlock near the dead , The contact pressure is large, the load is large, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is low, the oil film is the thinnest, the oil film is most easily cut and the Engine Tool is in the semi-dry friction state, leading to the pulling cylinder, so the engine should be guaranteed to work at the most suitable temperature.
    Factors that affect the life of the Engine Tool are the performance of the Engine Tool itself, the maintenance of Engine Tools, fuel, lubricating oil and operating temperature are relatively easy to control in the actual operation; Engine Tool life is related to the engine life , So we in the operation, should strictly control the impact of Engine Tool life factor.
 Engine Tool opening gap refers to the Engine Tool in the working state of the size of the opening, because the Engine Tool at high temperatures, the heat will expand, it must set a certain opening gap, or will be blocked with the cylinder wall, resulting in cylinder.
    To be precise, the opening gap of the Engine Tool is its thermal expansion gap, the opening gap is too small, the Engine Tool after thermal expansion, the ring ends of the top, the opening gap will disappear, resulting in pull cylinder, ring stuck and broken; The gap is too large to cause gas leaks. Generally in the Engine Tool manual will explain the Engine Tool opening gap.
    The clearance of the Engine Tool is generally between 0.25-0.30mm and the limit is 0.35mm. The Engine Tool in the course of the use of wear and tear, resulting in changes in the opening gap, affecting the efficiency of the engine, the following describes the way to detect the opening gap in order to work during the engine to determine whether the Engine Tool clearance is reasonable, tool.
(1) the Engine Tool from the cylinder out; (2) a ring, two rings and oil ring in turn out, placed in the lower part of the cylinder liner wear the smallest parts; (3) with a ruler measuring three Engine Tools (4) Compare the measured data with the data on the instructions. If the measured data exceeds the limits of the Engine Tool opening clearance, the Engine Tool should be replaced.