What Is The Scope And Role Of Engine Tool?

- Aug 25, 2017 -

What is the scope and role of Engine Tool?
There may be a lot of people listen to me to write Engine Tool more articles, but forget the simplest application of the piston and what is the role, and today to give you a detailed review of what; Engine Tool is a large outward expansion The deformed metal elastic ring, which is fitted into the profile with its corresponding annular groove. Reciprocating and rotating motion of the Engine Tool, relying on the gas or liquid pressure difference between the ring in the outer surface and the cylinder and ring and ring groove between the side to form a seal.
First, the scope of application: Engine Tool are widely used in a variety of power machinery, such as steam engines, diesel engines, gasoline engines, compressors, hydraulic press. General Engine Tool installed in the piston ring groove, and the piston, cylinder, cylinder head and other components of the composition of the chamber work.
Second, the role: the role of Engine Tool, including sealing, regulating oil (oil control), thermal (heat transfer), guided (support) four roles.
        Seal: refers to the sealed gas, do not let the combustion chamber of the gas leakage to the crankcase, the gas leakage control to a minimum, improve thermal efficiency. Leakage will not only make the engine power down, but also make the oil deterioration, which is the main task of the gas ring;
        Adjust the oil (oil control): the cylinder wall of the excess oil scraping off, while the cylinder wall on the cloth with a thin oil film to ensure that the cylinder and piston and ring the normal lubrication, which is the main task of the oil ring. In the modern high-speed engine, special attention to the role of Engine Tool to control the oil film;
        Thermal conductivity: through the Engine Tool to the piston heat conduction to the cylinder, that is, from the cooling effect. According to reliable data that the piston top of the heat received by 70 to 80% through the Engine Tool to the cylinder wall and scattered;
        Support: The Engine Tool holds the piston in the cylinder, prevents the piston from direct contact with the cylinder wall, ensures smooth movement of the piston, reduces frictional resistance, and prevents the piston from knocking the cylinder. General gasoline engine piston with two air ring, an oil ring, while the diesel engine is used three air ring, an oil ring.
        The concept of knowledge is above these, the actual knowledge, have the old master or their own to explore it!
 The direction of installation of the Engine Tool includes two questions, which is the face up; the other is how the Engine Tool's opening position is determined, the Engine Tool is installed in different directions, the effect is different, the assembly must be given enough attention.
       Some of the domestic engine Engine Tool on the face of the installation direction of the logo, with the English alphabet "up" (up) or other letters, or increase the size of the number, be sure to make letters or numbers side up. If there is no sign, it should be carried out from the cross-sectional shape of the ring and the specific engine. The general shape of the cross-section of the cross-section should be facing down, the inner side of the door should be facing the door.
If the four-ring, the first and two-ring ring opening direction should be 450 with the piston pin centerline, and staggered 180 degrees each other, the third and fourth ring and the first and second at right angles, also With the center line of the piston pin 45, and staggered 180 with each other. If the three rings, the first ring should be with the piston pin center into 45 the rest of the road separated from each other 120.
The assembly order of the Engine Tool should pay attention to the upper and lower parts of each ring and the opposite of the ring itself.
       Foreign engine Engine Tool in the face are engraved with the words "UP" and increase the size of the number of some of our engine Engine Tool are also marked. When assembling, the side of the mark should be up (to be assembled according to the mark). If there is no mark, should be from the shape of the ring to grasp: If the Engine Tool with a section of the "incision" for the first ring, the installation of "incision surface" up. The cross section of the Engine Tool with "outer incision" for the second, third ring, the installation of "incision surface" should be down. The equipment will cause the engine to burn oil.