What Is The Technical Breakthrough In The Engine Tool Industry?

- Oct 27, 2017 -

What is the technical breakthrough in the Engine Tool industry?
The future of several years is China's industrialization, urbanization, shopping and internationalization of the pace of accelerating the strategy to develop opportunities, but also China's comprehensive construction of a moderately prosperous society in the critical period. With the socialist market reform of the further deepening of the reform, China's Engine Tool shopping malls will be fully open. Modern diesel engines are more broad in terms of improving their functionality - increasing power output, reducing fuel consumption, reducing heat loss and reducing environmental pollution. To this end, many diesel component manufacturers are also forced to start improving their production of components to improve the overall function of diesel engines. Engine Tool makers are not an exception, they use new information to improve the old production process.
Domestic enterprises in the development of skills in the industry is still there is still a certain gap between foreign countries, in terms of data and appearance, the domestic enterprises are basically no innovation ability; in the product platform verification, the domestic enterprises have just started; domestic enterprises lack of product design experience , In recent years began to pile up a variety of data; domestic technology level affected by the larger equipment, messy products is difficult to ensure production capacity. Domestic Engine Tool new skills are still in the exploratory stage, although the skills themselves are now sophisticated, but the use of the Engine Tools also need to do a lot of research, testing. A variety of new skills have their own advantages and disadvantages, the key to solve the quality problems. Domestic Engine Tools companies rely on the introduction of foreign skills to improve their own skills level.
In recent years, the Engine Tool structure changes little, the researchers mainly in the information and technology to explore. Such as the Engine Tool surface coating process, although the chemical chrome approach has always been in a dominant position, but a variety of physical spraying new skills are gradually being used. In addition, the Engine Tool career also learn the relevant professional skills to improve the level of technology, such as conflict face processing skills. Engine Tool skills have two trends: First, steel ring. At that time, the first ring of gasoline engine is now completely selected steel materials, diesel engine use of steel ring is also a high share. Second, the Engine Tool height becomes smaller. Engine Tool height becomes smaller, the Engine Tool and the cylinder between the seal to strengthen, reduce the chance of oil into the combustion chamber, so that both can drop emissions pollution.
Engine Tool at work, due to high temperature, poor lubrication conditions, the wear and tear failure is often faster than the cylinder wear limit speed. With the Engine Tool wear and tear intensified, the Engine Tool will gradually weaken the elastic force, the gap, the backlash increases, will make the sealing performance worse, resulting in high pressure gas channeling and lubricating oil channeling phenomenon, reduce engine power and Economy. Engine Tools in addition to wear failure, there is a common fracture damage. Due to the large brittleness of the Engine Tool, if the installation method is improper, or the Engine Tool backlash, the end gap is too small and the engine burst, the heavy load will cause the Engine Tool to break. Therefore, the correct selection and installation of Engine Tools.
(1) the measurement of the opening gap, the first time, the Engine Tool placed in the cylinder, and with the piston head to the Engine Tool pushed to the cylinder hole in the Engine Tool reciprocating stroke within the location, and then measured with a thin gauge Open the gap, such as the gap is too poor, you can not use; such as the gap is too small, can be taken out with a fine file file ring mouth end, until meet the requirements so far.
(2) The backlash is the gap formed between the plates after the Engine Tool is mounted on the Engine Tool slot. The backlash is too large to affect the effect of the combustion chamber seal, the small Engine Tool is swollen in the tank, or the elasticity is lost. When the ring should be in the ring groove rolling is not loose is not astringent stagnation is appropriate, can also be used to measure the thickness of the ring and ring groove between the gap, if the backlash big, you can no longer use, the backlash is small, can be Engine Tools are flat and ground to achieve the specified backlash.