What's The Clutch Pressure Plate?

- Jul 22, 2017 -

What's the clutch pressure plate?

A friction clutch, brake is on wheels, it is wear resistant asbestos and wire manufacturing, friction plate also has the minimum allowable thickness, long mileage, friction plate should also be replaced. The original friction plate replacement can buy spare parts to replace, and now are bought already installed friction piece of pressure plate points, and do not have to change their own friction, and directly change the clutch pressure plate on it. In order to reduce the clutch loss, there is a proper way to use the clutch pedal. Just don't step on the clutch pedal. In this way, the clutch plate is in a semi clutch state, that is, the frisbee and the pressure plate are in a frictional state. If the clutch pedal is completely pressed, the flywheel and clutch pressure plate are completely cut and there is no friction between the two. If the clutch pedal is fully lifted, the flywheel and clutch pressure plate are fully joined, although there is friction, but basically there is no friction. So, do not clutch pedal half of the state.

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