When Installing A Motorcycle Oil Pressure Switch, An Improper Installation Technique Will Cause The Engine Oil To Burn

- Sep 07, 2017 -

When installing a motorcycle Oil Pressure Switch, an improper installation technique will cause the engine oil to burn
  Many people think that the installation of motorcycle Oil Pressure Switch is very simple, directly into the order on the line. It is estimated that someone read this sentence, began to Piezui, which would have been very simple Well, I car repair more than ten years, are smoothly stuffed into, and never had a problem.
In reality it is possible that this is not so rigorous installation techniques may not be a big problem, but too low assembly accuracy, certainly affect the engine power and life, serious and even lead to premature burning oil.
  After the Oil Pressure Switch is installed on the piston, from the top to the bottom, respectively, two air ring and an oil ring, the main role of the gas ring is sealed compressed air mixture and high temperature and high pressure gas, the main role of the oil ring scraping arm On the excess oil, the new Oil Pressure Switch group should have the appropriate run-in period, mainly in four steps to install: install the lining, install the air ring, the combination of oil ring, adjust the air ring oil ring opening position.
If you want to accurately install the Oil Pressure Switch, the installation should also pay attention to the following matters.
1, before the ring should be carefully checked hydraulic switch, check its models, specifications, quantity, and to maintain the oil switch and ring groove cleaning, the ring coated with very little oil.
2, the combination of oil ring is generally installed by hand, whether it is sheet steel lining spring, or snake-shaped spring, the mouth part of the piston pin can not be on the axis, and to stagger 60 ° ~ 90 °.
3, the ring ring openings should be staggered in order to create a "maze" channel and reduce the leakage and channeling oil. The opening position should be avoided in the direction of the piston pin and the side pressure direction.
4, to maintain the level of installation and should not be free to open or knead the Oil Pressure Switch. Since the hydraulic switch has a high size and geometric accuracy, then the assembly should be careful not to damage this accuracy. By loosening or kneading the Oil Pressure Switch by hand without holding the opening at both ends of the ring in a horizontal plane, the ring will be distorted or warped, and the shape will change and be easily broken. So the most commonly used when loading and unloading clamp to avoid the use of hand assembly. Generally open the ring to 8T when you can insert into the piston head ring groove, opened too large will cause excessive deformation.
   What should the Oil Pressure Switch pay attention to? But also to avoid what? The Oil Pressure Switch is an outwardly expanding and deformed metal elastic ring which is fitted into the corresponding annular groove. And between the ring and the side of the ring groove between the formation of a sealed and cross-section of the open ring, divided into gas ring and oil ring. The gas ring is a seal between the piston and the cylinder to prevent leakage. The oil ring is scraping the excess oil on the cylinder to prevent the fuel chamber combustion, but also to improve the cylinder wall lubrication.
The order of the Oil Pressure Switch is: oil ring → third air ring → second air ring → the first air ring
When the Oil Pressure Switch is removed from the ring groove, if it is intended to be reused, it should be removed with the Oil Pressure Switch and the same as when installed. If the Oil Pressure Switch is bonded in the ring groove, before taking out, be very careful to make the hydraulic switch to free movement, to avoid damage when removed.
Oil Pressure Switch is a precision machining parts, because of its shape easy to change, should be placed when the preservation, to avoid instability in the placed state.
Oil Pressure Switch has two kinds of gas ring and oil ring. The role of the gas ring is to ensure that the piston and cylinder liner sliding with tight, to prevent high temperature, high pressure gas leakage into the crankcase, while the top of the piston suffered most of the heat through the cylinder wall spread out. The role of the oil ring is cloth oil and scraping oil, the engine is running, the crankcase of lubricating oil was thrown to the cylinder wall. When the piston up, the oil ring will be evenly distributed in the cylinder wall on the cylinder wall to facilitate lubrication; piston down, the oil ring will be on the cylinder wall of the excess lubricating oil to avoid the oil fleeing into the combustion chamber. There is a plurality of oil return rings in the annular groove recessed around the oil ring, and the oil from the oil ring is returned to the crankcase through the radial oil return hole at the bottom of the oil ring groove. The Oil Pressure Switch has a cut, with elasticity, with the piston for reciprocating motion, the hydraulic switch and cylinder wall fit, or open or shrink, to ensure that the top of the plug and the cylinder to form a closed space.