Why Is The Piston Ring Widely Used In A Variety Of Power Machinery?

- Aug 25, 2017 -

Why is the Piston Ring widely used in a variety of power machinery?
   Piston Rings are widely used in a variety of power machinery, such as steam engines, diesel engines, gasoline engines, compressors, hydraulic presses, widely used in automobiles, trains, ships, yachts and so on. The Piston Ring is the core part of the fuel engine, which together with the cylinder, piston, cylinder wall, etc. to complete the fuel gas seal.
The Piston Ring is used to insert the metal ring inside the piston groove. The Piston Ring is divided into two types: compression ring and oil ring. The compression ring can be used to seal the combustible mixture in the combustion chamber; the oil ring is used to scrape off the excess oil on the cylinder.
Piston Ring with air ring and oil ring two. The role of the gas ring is to ensure that the piston and cylinder liner sliding with tight, to prevent high temperature, high pressure gas leakage into the crankcase, while the top of the piston suffered most of the heat through the cylinder wall spread out. The role of the oil ring is cloth oil and scraping oil, the engine is running, the crankcase of the oil was thrown to the cylinder wall. When the piston up, the oil ring will be evenly distributed in the cylinder wall lubricants to facilitate lubrication; piston down, the oil ring on the cylinder wall of the excess lubricating oil scraped to avoid oil fleeing into the combustion chamber. There is a plurality of oil return rings in the annular groove recessed around the oil ring, and the oil scraped by the oil ring flows back to the crankcase through the radial oil return hole at the bottom of the oil ring groove. Piston Ring with a cut, with flexibility, with the piston for reciprocating motion, the Piston Ring and cylinder wall fit, or open or shrink, to ensure that the top of the plug and the cylinder to form a closed space.
Piston Ring with a car also has an air pump, which can be classified from the material can also be used from the classification of the main uses are sealed.
 Piston Ring with a car also has an air pump, he can be classified from the material can also be used from the classification of the main purpose are sealed; Piston Ring is more or less in our lives will encounter a part, it is installed in the Piston Ring groove A metal ring with a certain elasticity, a component that is important to our engine. What kind of Piston Rings are there?
       Piston Ring type to be divided according to different aspects, according to the material divided into two types of cast iron and cast steel; in accordance with the structure of the overall structure, the combination of ring, slotted oil ring, slotted helix spring oil ring, steel Combined oil ring, etc., according to the role of points to the oil ring and air ring two.
Here we focus on speaking in accordance with the role of the gas ring and oil ring. The main role of the gas ring is the piston, cylinder head and cylinder liner into a sealed combustion chamber space, so that the cylinder of gasoline or diesel can be fully burned and prevent the combustion chamber of high temperature and high pressure gas from the piston and cylinder wall gap Flew into the crankcase. The role of the oil ring is to ensure that the cylinder liner inside the oil evenly distributed and prevent the oil into the combustion chamber. If the combustion chamber into the oil inside, it will cause the diesel engine oil and accompanied by exhaust pipe smoke blue smoke phenomenon, but also the exhaust valve and combustion chamber inside the carbon increased.
 Only to clarify the classification of the Piston Ring we can ensure that the correct use of the Piston Ring to prevent the incorrect use of the wrong Piston Ring into the accident.
Piston, Piston Ring for synchronous reciprocating motion, the piston Piston Ring exerts a large positive pressure, and reciprocating inertia force. When the crank link to the piston side of the pressure and want to piston pendulum, the Piston Ring due to positive pressure on the piston to implement a reaction force, so the role of supporting the piston.